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How to Save Israel from the UN's kill

Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Save Israel from the UN's kill

Yosef Yakov-Lev


In order to easily get the "stay" (it's the court order prohibiting any changes in the current situation till the very end of the case)
we should file the following case in a New York court before this September of 2011.

We are 100% ready to win, but all the Jewish bureaucrats who destroy Israel, aggressively cut us from the financial resources.

The answer to a popular question: Yes, UN holds diplomatic immunity. But every organization can be evicted for breaking its own Charter. And any diplomat can be declared persona non grata and kicked out of the country. That's our winning method to beat up the main Israeli enemy - UN.

Real Method to Save Israel from the UN's kill

practical legal solution
New York Middle East Institute  ©  Yosef Yakov-Lev, CEO

- Properly present  Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine.
- Deny the  UN Partition resolution 181, which stole Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria from the Jews.
   Traitorous Israeli Knesset and MFA support that UN resolution - see

All that could be done in one court case if traitorous Israeli functionaries and bureaucrats have not done it earlier, bit we must present documents and do the work IN THIS ORDER ONLY.

Now see Article 80 of the Charter of UN
it reads:
"NOTHING in this [UN] Chapter shall be construed in or of itself TO ALTER IN ANY MANNER THE RIGHTS whatsoever of any state or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments"

Here what it literally means in plain English:

1) If Jews have a Treaty with Arabs - then UN must follow it. UN has no power to alter it.
We do have Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine.
It clearly says that all Palestine must be Jewish. By the way, it is 100% valid.

2) If there is a League of Nation's ratification, or decision, or Mandate - then UN has no power to alter it.
We have all these as well - see details in Mandate for Palestine
- "UN can overcome the Arab-Jewish Treaty" or
- "UN is an assignee of League of Nation and therefore could overcome the provisions/conditions of the Mandate" or
- "UN could overcoming the Mandate for Palestine" or
- "UN can/could partition Palestine and Jerusalem" or
- "UN had/has rights to issue Partition resolutions and to recognize Arab state in Palestine", etc...

Based on that we can beat up UN issuing a New York court decision that any attempt to create or to recognize an Arab state or Arab kingdom in Palestine is completely illegal and therefore can not be done (we should better start this court action in advance, as explained above).

THE PROBLEM IS RESOLVED.  If UN violate this court decision, it will have dealings with Court Order, Contempt Order, Marshall's order, and many other "pleasurable" things. Diplomatic immunity has nothing to do with that because we are suing not a person but a decision; not to mention that any diplomat can be declared persona non grata and kicked out of the country. That's the REAL method to beat up UN and to win.

Despite of clear facts, all the university textbooks and all the thesis of paid professionals spread felonious British disinformation that UN Partition resolution 181 was legal and must be followed. Traitorously stupid Israeli Knesset and MFA even celebrate (!) that stealing of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria from the Jews - see  So Knesset and MFA literally kill Jewish state and there is no way to survive until we perform two essential steps presented above:
- Properly present  Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine.
- Deny the  UN Partition resolution 181, which stole Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria from the Jews.

We are 100% ready to win, but all the Jewish functionaries who destroy Israel, aggressively cut us from the financial resources.

We have to immediately deny all the professional textbooks and all the thesis of paid professionals - they treacherously plant suicidal disinformation. The only legal and enforceable document is the Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish land in Palestine and its ratifications. 64 countries (including former sovereign of this territory Turkey) ratified that document in various forms: from the Mandate to The Treaty of Lausanne. So it is one of the most redoubtably document ever existed, but stupid traitorous Jewish lawyers never ever used it. Never even tried. Instead they plant everywhere various killing Israel disinformation...

I created much more ways to defend and save Israel. Say according to the 1933 Montevideo Convention, there are certain conditions a state should conform and to comply in order to proclaim itself lawfully. There is no way for any Arab state (or autonomy) to be legal in Palestine unless we, all the Jews (not the government) donate our rights and our land to them.

Take a look at the film I've edited from Dr. Jacques P. Gauthier's long cloudy speech. I've left here only the parts about European's deadly pressure to take Jerusalem away from the Jews and to convert Holy City into another Arab-Muslim capital. Now you can learn the details of the dirty rape that United Nations, European Union, Russia and partly United States are performing on Jews right now. They are stealing from Jews the biggest part of Jerusalem including the entire Old City to make one another Arab-Muslim capital out of Jewish property.

United Nations is going to approve this phony cannibalistic plan
to steal Jerusalem from the Jews in coming September of 2011

Dr. Jacques P. Gauthier is a nice guy, his presentation of the problem is 100% correct. At the same time he is unable to create solutions to save
Jerusalem and Israel because he is deadly mistaken regarding sources of Jewish rights for Jewish lend in terms of contemporary international law.

With all these mistakes Dr. Gauthier finally gets contradictory to himself and give us deadly wrong information that is suicidal for Israel. Therefore I had to cut off all his attempts to talk about that matter. Below I provide you with the explanation of his most terrible mistakes. Before that I want to explain one thing that makes all situation with Israel even more terrible. These killing Israel mistakes are not only Dr. Gauthier's personal problem. All paid professionals were deadly tricked and cheated by disinformation prepared and industriously planted everywhere by British Intelligence Services.

That's the primary reason why we keep losing Jewish land - not even one of the old specialists is qualified to understand the situation and to create REAL solution. New set of sciences that we have created was needed to accomplish this work. Luckily after all these years of terrible strategic losses, Israel finally obtained a team of real specialists, our team.

For over eight years already we are 100% ready to save Israel. Every day we are proposing, but Jewish functionaries aggressively lock us out of all the financial and other resources because we are different from these who messed Israel up.

Now I will explain to you few of the deadly mistakes that Dr. Gauthier and all others were doomed with:

1) He is correct stating that Britain can't give the rights in Balfour letter. But he did not understand that If one Britain can not give the rights in Balfour letter, then there is no legal difference for adding France and others, 
IF the main candidates - Jews and Arabs - are not actively present in the legal process. Arab delegation was not presented on San Remo Conference of 1920. Playing on that, in order to lately kill Jewish rights for Jewish land, British Intelligence Services widely planted a disinformation about creation of Jewish legal rights in San Remo.2) British intelligence financed planting of this killing Israel disinformation very profusely. Dozens of fat donations, contributions, grants floated for this "work" from nowhere but everywhere at once.  and Dr. Gauthier and all paid professionals bus bought

British Intelligence forged this disinformation 83 years after San Remo! Not even one document regarding San Remo was ever signed in San

2) The truth is: there were much more regarding Palestine in Paris then in San Remo. Besides, Jews and Arabs were officially present in Paris, but not in San Remo.

3) There is nothing new regarding Mandate for Palestine in San Remo - Entente members just mentioning (repeated) there what was done in Paris.

4) There are still more than two years after San Remo till the beginning of the work on the Mandate for Palestine!

Please learn real Jewish legal rights for Jewish land and the TRUE HISTORY OF ISRAEL:

I cut off the film his mistakes regarding sources of Jewish rights for Jewish land (see explanation below).

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