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ISRAEL, The Real TRUTH: True History, True Legality, True Legitimacy - Draiman


True  History,  True Legality,  True Legitimacy

Groundbreaking fundamental discoveries

Israel keep losing its legitimacy and vital parts of the land because all Jewish leaders are terribly ignorant.
 encyclopedias and professional textbooks, all Jewish paid professionals are fooled
with killing Israel disinformation, fabricated by British Secret Services.

Almost everything you were taught is filthy disinformation.

  New York Middle East Institute  ©  Yosef  Yakov-Lev , CEO  

In this fundamental work you will learn:

True History of Israel-Palestine

These groundbreaking discoveries of 

The Truth are the essential foundation 
of the Real Remedies

  It is hard to believe, but we will prove here that ALL previously written professional textbooks about Israel are based NOT on facts, but on corruption and disinformation.  Tonnes of killing Israel disinformation is implanted into all encyclopedias, textbooks and professional qualification tests.  So all Israeli paid professionals are raised to be inadequate to the reality.  In result for over 40 years Israel is suffering from lethal strategic defeats, and number of  losses of vital parts of primordial Jewish land is growing very  rapidly...

  Tonnes of killing Israel disinformation are inculcated into everybody's minds so deeply, that Jewish people use it without understand of how suicidal these activities are.  It is the prime cause of the most terrible strategic losses of Israel.  Using this disinformation, ignorant Jewish paid professionals and leaders can only create troubles, even when they try to do something good...

  In order to win, one must use correct maps and information which is adequate to the reality.  Based on disinformation, without the real knowledge, Jewish leaders and paid professionals have only one option left - making wrong moves and then surrender Jewish land, piece by piece...  That's why for the last 40 years Israel constantly lose everything, including such primordial Jewish cities as Jericho, Hebron, Shechem, Beit-Lechem and such essential parts of our inheritable possessions as Joseph’s Tomb and Cave of the Patriarchs...

  Doesn't matter what these "right-wing strong Jewish leaders" are promising - without the real knowledge they can only lose and surrender.  That's why Netanyahu had to surrender Hebron.  That's why Lieberman and Netanyahu are surrendering Jerusalem right now...  Here is the Lieberman's response to Obama's request to divide Jerusalem on negotiations: "I congratulate President Obama, and I am ready to sign on this speech with both hands!".  So the brainless "right-wing strong Jewish leaders" have already started evicting Jews from Jerusalem - see video documents at our

  Because of total disinformation used and propagated by ignorant Jewish leaders, Israel keep losing its legitimacy and even legality.  In result the defensive actions of Israeli army and police became illegal, and Israeli soldiers and generals became court persecuted all over the globe.  Don't argue - that's a fact we have to accept and deeply understand in order to start working on overcoming this most horrible strategic loss of Israel.  Instead of suicidal denying of such most terrible disease, we have to learn it very deeply.  The essential part of this learning is uncovering of disinformation that screw up and replace Israeli rights, legality and legitimacy.  Only then Jews will be able to learn and to victoriously use the truth.  First time in the history, this fundamental groundbreaking work give you the real historical facts instead of all that dirty disinformation, prepared and inculcated everywhere by British Secret Services. 

True Legal Rights for Palestine

  Unfortunately all paid professionals are corrupted and horribly ignorant.  For example all the lawyers involved keep talking about Mandate for Palestine, but not even one of them ever based his/her statements on the Mandatory Law!  Been so terribly illiterate, they put all their efforts on oppressing the real specialist, so Israel can only lose...

  Unfortunately Jews use to memorize and propagate that killing Israel disinformation.  Jews do these suicidal actions without smallest understanding of what they really do.  How could such tragedy happened? Because religious Jews never learn and fulfill Torah's Mitzvah # 237 - how to defense Israel, the people and the land, and because from the very beginning all the ignorant Jewish leaders yielded up to the enemies all Jewish legal assets.  Instead they all adopted dirty British disinformation about Israeli history...
  So all the Jews (religious and secular) never ever cared for legal rights for the land.  In result they voluntarily signed the Jews off from the lease on the home.  So the Jews factually yielded up to the enemies extremely powerful Jewish legal assets (like the brand Palestinian)...

And now all the Jewish leaders and paid professionals (see below) keep trying to persuade each other that they don't need to prove Jewish legal rights, to learn and to defend them.  Brainless Jewish leaders keep screaming on us, the real specialists, that Israel doesn't have to prove anything, that they will do everything by force.

  In direct result of that traitorous idiotism, Israeli army gets completely paralyzed with international court persecutions, brainless Israeli functionaries can not defend from international courts even themselves.  So in order to stay out of all the international jails, right-wing Jewish leaders have to give to the enemies a lot of Jewish people's money and piece by piece they have to surrender primordial Jewish land...  That's how it always happened - brainless "strong right-wing Jewish leaders" constantly and endlessly surrender Jewish land...  Only "strong right-wing leaders" surrender Jewish land and cities - it's a fact, but they always hide this fact and blame somebody else, leftists for example.  This is another dirty disinformation they always spread.  But the facts are very clear: only "strong right-wing Jewish leaders" surrender Jewish land, while from the leftists we have only stink, a lot of foul stink, but no harm...

  Leftists, rightists, centrists - unfortunately all of them have no brain needed to create really working solutions.  They don't have brain even to learn the true history.  They aggressively refuse to learn anything and furiously cut off from all the financial resources the real specialists.  Instead they gave all the resources to these who thrown Israel down into a very deep shit...

  Despite of all the traitorous oppression, constantly performed by the officials, we have prepared multifaceted complex of wise remedies for the most complicated mortal problems of Israel. 

Righteous Real Remedies for 

the Holy Land 

God provides His People with all the assets needed for complete victory and for steady productive life.  But our idolatry to ignorant paid professionals and to disgraceful functionaries prevent us from seeing and using these decisive assets.

New Zionism 

It is based on 
properly proven legal rights for the land

  New Zionism is based on properly proven legal rights for the land.

  For us and for the people who share our values, Torah (Bible) is the indispensable internal impellent.  At the same time, we have to understand very clearly that for many other people Torah is nothing - therefore so many Torah scrolls were contaminated during pogroms...

We also have to understand that Torah is not a legal document, not even for hundreds of thousands of orthodox religious Jews, who deny not only Zionistic, but any kind of Jewish state on Holy Land.

Unlike , on Treaties and on International Law

Justice, justice shalt thou follow,
that thou mayest live and inherit the land
which the Lord thy God giveth thee - Devarim (Deuteronomy) 16:20

Zion shall be redeemed through justice
and her penitent through justness   - Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 1:27

In this brief I give you determinative facts of the true Jewish history. These essential facts needed for true understanding of the most complicated problems and for starting understanding the real remedies.  Wise concordant set of victorious remedies is created and fully developed by our institute long time ago.  Together with this reading, please start learning summary of wise concordant set of victorious remedies.  So you will realize that for many years we are 100% ready to provide complete victory.  But no troops can complete their work without deep support form home and without steady logistics.  Only lack of your support to the real remedies holds you from superb and complete victory...

It is impossible to learn true Jewish history and not to talk about great deal of factual miracles.  HaShem (God) provides His People with everything needed for complete victory and for steady productive life.  But our arrogance, stupidity and especially idolatry to functionaries prevent us from seeing and using these fascinating miracles and other decisive assets, kindly provided to us.

This groundbreaking work is not an opinion - only facts and original source documents.  If you don't trust Bible (Torah) and Qur'an - you can skip couple of first paragraphs.  I included data from Bible and Qur'an only because I don't want to deprive you from complete pleasure of reading.

Everything else is 100% verifiable convincing facts with exact date and exact number.  You will also learn here substantial articles of international law and ratified international treaties.  No misinterpretation is possible in this fundamental work because it contains no interpretations - only original source documents and clear direct evidences.  Here they are:

• 635 — ­­­­­­­­­1920, Expected Serene Future:  Since first Muslim came to Jerusalem, there was deep understanding and tight cooperation between Jews and Muslims.  Probably it's also the right time and place to explain that overwhelming majority of Muslims in Holy Land have always been NON-Arabic, including Muawiyah, Saladin, Seljuqs, Turks, Umayyads.  Muawiyah, the first Umayyad caliph, was an adopted son with definitely non-Arabic origin.  According to the Shia view, Muawiyah was an adopted son of some foreigners - "ad-dakhil", which means good alien.  Sunni also never questioned foreign origin of Muawiyah.

You can find more details in my other works, e.g. in .  Here we just need to remember that all big Muslim leaders in Holy Land, as well as overwhelming majority of Muslims in Holy Land have always been NON-Arabic.  As you see, for His Nation, for the Jews, God created enormous amount of great miracles.  Soon I'll show you that these tremendous miracles for the Jews God entered even into Qur'an.  Only our stupidity and idolatry to functionaries prevent us from seeing and using these crucial factual miracles.

Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was definitely not an angel, but he treated and respected Jews much better then his own followers and Arabs!  It is crystal clear from Qur'an and from all the historical evidences, including the Battle of Khaybar of 629.  If that is not inline with your delirium - then you got problems with the facts, not me.

Explaining not disgraceful British disinformation, inculcated into all "professional" textbooks, but teaching the True History of Israel, I have to point more and more factual miracles:

Qur'an clearly refers to Jewish Torah as the Book of Light - see 5:44 for example.
According to Qur'an, Jews are entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven and to all Palestine - see for example 2:55, 2:47, 2:62, 3:33, 5:20, 5:21.

It is stupid and extremely traitorous not to use all these facts for establishing strong legitimacy of Israel among all the Muslim neighbors.

Legitimacy should be based on the sources they respect and follow, and on the language they understand.  So in order to establish legitimacy of Israel among the neighbors, we must not reject Qur'an and Sharia Law.  Especially when God inserted into Qur'an direct statements that all Palestine belongs to the Jews and when the most respected ancient Muslim commentators of Qur'an quoted Muhammad's direct teaching about Jewish Temple on Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Unfortunately Israeli rightists and leftists - all of them - are so dull, that they traitorously refuse to use Qur'an for saving Jews.


Here is the right place to give you first introductory overview about establishing true legality and legitimacy of Israel not only among Muslims, but among Europeans and other nations.  Our institute has created everything for very successful accomplishment of this most needed task.  Unfortunately none of Jewish leaders (religious or secular) ever understand key strategic importance of the designation and establishment of solid true legality and legitimacy of Jewish state.  Instead of that essential work, all Jewish leaders scream oversimplified slogans and accept tonnes of terrible British disinformation, which turn the Jews into British imperialistic hirelings, into illegal occupiers.

Jewish paid professionals and Jewish leaders keep insisting everywhere that Mandate for Palestine is not Jewish but British.  They are deadly wrong. Very traitorously they inculcate everywhere killing Israel terrible British disinformation.  Our institute discovered Mandatory Law and Supreme Judges explanations of that law.  All the legal sources clearly stated that Mandate for Palestine is Jewish.  The Mandatory (Britain) is definitely not an owner of the Mandate.

According to the law, the Jews are the rightful owners of the Mandate for Palestine; and the Jews are the rightful owners of all Palestine.  This decisive outcome is based on the Mandatory Law and on Jewish Mandate for Palestine, which is based not on some rapacious decision of imperialistic countries (what vendible paid professionals support), but on ratified by all the nations, freely signed by plenipotentiary Arabic and Jewish national delegations Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine.

For over ten years I did not say a word of criticism to anybody - I only explained wise set of real methods to solve the most complicated problems of Israel.  And I explained the vital need of establishing true legitimacy of Israel.  All these most needed objectives can be achieved very reliably with the fundamental discoveries I have made - please learn them below and especially in the .

I explained these essential discoveries on many of my TV and Radio programs, in my book and in articles, published in 5 languages.  I explained everything to all Jewish legal and other organizations, directly to members of Israeli government and Knesset.  I gave right into their hands the book and the essential articles - everything in their first language and in English.  Unfortunately Jewish leaders and paid professionals are so unbelievably incompetent, that not even one of them ever cares about true Jewish legal rights and about wise actions for establishing legitimacy of Israel.

Jewish lawyers like Howard Grief, Eli Hertz, Mark Kaplan and many of their followers including Benjamin Netanyahu only pretend that they work on saving Jewish legal rights.  In fact they spread horrible British disinformation that Mandate for Palestine is British.  And they spread suicidal, killing Israel disinformation about never-existed "The San Remo Resolution for Palestine, 1920-04-25".  Nobody can name even one person who has signed such "epochal resolution" because it never existed.  It is total disinformation, cooked by British Secret Services in order to turn the Jews into the illegal occupiers, into hirelings of imperialistic military alliance named Triple Entente, which conference was held in San Remo in 1920.

Unfortunately Jewish leaders only cares about oversimplified slogans.  So they keep spreading killing Israel British disinformation.  Jewish leaders support advisers who reject the entire need of establishment legitimacy of Israel - please see an example on the picture below.

Jewish leaders and paid professionals, as well as regular Jewish people, started understanding at least something only when I began criticize their actions.  I will have to criticize their approaches more and more because the critics of current approaches is a required part of any true innovative work.  By the way, Senior Advisers of government institutions are so illiterate, that they don't understand even the difference between legality and legitimacy - see the same picture below.  Such ignoramus people only can scream oversimplified slogans, spread killing Israel British disinformation, give diplomas to each other, by crowd stifle real specialists, usurp and peculate all the financial and other Jewish resources, assigned for defending Israel.  They are more dangerous than any enemy, but instead of supporting the real specialists who have made crucial discoveries and who have created real wise solutions for the most complicated problems, you perform idolatry on these big mouth ignoramuses.

That idolatry on big mouth ignoramuses and on brainless bureaucrats is the primary cause of all the strategic losses of Israel.  I hope now you start understanding how the true history of Israel gets replaced with killing Israel British disinformation.  For all these years Jewish leaders completely refuse to think about anything wise - they only talk about strong (military) leadership and they completely reject the need to establish legitimacy of Israel.  Instead of supporting true specialists, who can protect Jewish rights and who always win all the intellectual battles,Jewish leaders support ignoramuses who insist very traitorously that Mandate for Palestine is not Jewish but British.

If the Mandate is British, then Britain (and lately UN) can give the land to anybody, and Jews became illegal occupiers.  That's how legitimacy of Israel were destroyed - by the stupid statements and actions of Jewish leaders, who follow ignoramus advisers they choose.

There is absolutely no basis for 100% wrong statement that Mandate for Palestine is British.  According to the Mandatory Law, Mandate for Palestine is Jewish, but not even one of Jewish paid professionals ever use Mandatory Law.  All of them were bought over for their "recognized by the world professional diplomas", which were set up by Britain and filled with British disinformation..  This disinformation is very well paid, so vendible paid professionals keep insisting that Mandate for Palestine is British, not Jewish.

With this terrible disinformation (together with disinformation about San Remo and about UN actions), ignorant paid professionals have destroyed legality and legitimacy of Israel.  In order to hide their incompetence to do anything good, paid professionals insist that Israel doesn't need legitimacy:

Here is just another example, which clearly shows how brainless and dishonest are all the well-paid Senior Advisers of government institutions.

They have destroyed legality and legitimacy of Israel, they have no idea how to recover what they destroyed, so they say it is not needed.

Our fundamental discoveries create perfect and very reliable way for establishing very strong true legality and legitimacy of Israel.  This work, most needed work very traitorously against legitimacy of Israel 

All paid professionals are so ignorant and rude, that for dozens of years they aggressively fight against our work for establishment true and strong legitimacy of Israel. establishment anything besides military strength. 
Brainless Jewish leaders refuse to learn anything besides well-paid British disinformation.  and put Israel into current lose-lose situation, when Jews became Israeli army is paralyzed with international court persecutions and when Jewish state is dying despite of the heroism of Jewish people...

Legitimacy and legality are seriously different issues.  Both are very important for the survival of Israel, but all Jewish leaders and all university textbooks are so ignorant that they don't understand even such little!  We will talk more about legitimacy and legality in a separate course of lectures about our breakthrough fundamental researches.  In this course of lectures we have to stress your attention to the fact that Instead of true Jewish history, all Jewish professors teach tonnes of terrible disinformation, prepared and implanted by British Secret Services.

In order to save Israel, it is absolutely necessary to reveal horrific illiteracy and false of paid officials, who already throw Israel down into a very deep sheet.  If you want Israel to survive, you must help us to uncover their killing Israel disinformation and to start full-scale teaching of the True History of Israel.  The best way to do it is to start from the following very concise course of the essential facts, discovered by our fundamental researches.  True and very strong legitimacy of Jewish state can be established only on facts, not on British disinformation.

Unfortunately throughout Jewish history all Jewish officials use to be so unbelievably ignorant, that they reject the need to designate and to establish true legitimacy of Israel.

Despite of aggressive counteractions of brainless Jewish leaders, our institute has completed this fundamental work of designating very strong true legitimacy of Jewish state in Palestine.  But all Jewish leaders keep doing maximum possible for not to allow to establish this victorious legitimacy of Israel.  For the last ten years, when we have completed this most needed for saving Israel fundamental work, Jewish leaders and paid professionals keep disclaiming the need to establish legitimacy of Israel - see the picture above.

Israel is losing more and more parts of the primordial Jewish land because instead of establishing true legality and legitimacy (we have everything 100% prepared for that), Jewish leaders and vendible paid professionals usurp and peculate all the financial resources assigned for defending Israel.  They stifle the only work, which can procure very stable solid strategic base for saving Israel and for establishing true legality and legitimacy of Israel.

In result Israel is dying, so Netanyahu and Lieberman started expulsions of the Jews even from Jerusalem:

Jewish leaders and paid professionals are so brainless, that right in Knesset ALL OF THEM regularly celebrate UN's resolution to steal from the Jews Judea and Samaria, Hebron and Jerusalem (it's only beginning of the list)...

Take a look by yourself on this another example of traitorous stupidity of ALL Jewish leaders and all Jewish paid professionals: .  British Secret Services manipulate with miserable brains of all Jewish leaders and all Jewish paid professionals very easily.  It's a fact - all of them are very happy to celebrate UN resolution to steal Jerusalem from the Jews.  Unfortunately not even one exception existed among brainless Jewish leaders...

You have to stop supporting these suicidal psychos with no brain, but with big deceitful mouths.
You have to let the real knowledgeable doctor save the patient, while it is not too late...


Now, when you got your first overview about the situation with the legality and legitimacy of Israel, exploded by the brainless Jewish officials, we can back to the chronological overview of Jewish history.

• 635 — 1920:  Jews also were very good to Muslims.  Say during bloody Crusader's time, Jews collected money for Muslims and supplied them with a lot of information regarding Crusader's moves.  Jews were happy to do that because at that time, till British exported European anti-Semitism to Middle East, Muslims behaved much more generously than old Christians did.

Here is another example of a long-age no-contradiction relation between Jews and Muslims: any Muslim sheikh or mullah will eat Jewish kosher food without a smallest doubt, even today (but he is not allowed to eat meat prepared by Christians, whether you like it or not).

• 1900-s The Criminal, British Crown, steps in:  There were no Jewish, no Arab states in the Middle East in the beginning of XX century.  Both, Arabs and Jews, were under Turkish oppression and Arabs clearly know that Palestine is the Jewish land, even according to Qur'an - see for example 5:20, 5:21 in Qur'an.  Therefore all communications between Arabs and Jews regarding Jewish Homeland in Palestine were in a very good shape, no contradiction at all.  But Britain (similarly to its criminal activities during the Crusaders time) blocked this very natural process.  Turkey, traditionally having lots of British advisers, also participated in the blockage.

• 1903-08-14 — 1903-08-26: In a continuation of this blockade, British Secretary of State for the Colonies Joseph Chamberlain proposedBritish Uganda Programme instead of Palestine.  All Zionists were against this exile, but they had to consider all the options to save Russian Jews from pogroms, slaughters and massacres.  Theodor Herzl made it very clear that this British Programme would not affect the ultimate aim of Zionism, but he announced it in Basel.  By the way, the place was the Mau plateau in Kenya, not in Uganda.

• 1917-11-02 Balfour Letter: (the word "Declaration" is deceitful).  After WWI (even after 1914-11-09 speech) Britain could not blame Turkey for not-allowing Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine.  Arab-Jewish relationship was almost perfect, so Britain decided to jump on top of it.  Goebbels (Nazi propaganda minister) learned that behavior from Britain and expressed it in such a way: "If you can't kill some movement, you must take the lead in it!".  So Britain proposed itself as a respectable volunteer to prepare a reference letter.  Arabs and Jews did not see any problem in that reference and started using it exactly as it is - as a reference letter.  That's the true story of Balfour Letter, written by a notorious anti-Semite Lord Balfour, British foreign minister.

• 1917 —­­­­­­­­­ present time:  Britain is presenting this ordinary reference letter as the royal gift to the Jews and as an executive order.  All the Jewish professionals stupidly repeat that extremely harmful disinformation.  I'll explain to you why it is so harmful for the Jews.  Fist read the letter: it has no executive part, nothing but quite an ordinary reference letter with "declaration of sympathy" (yes, that's all what could be corresponded to the word "Declaration").  Despite of these facts and based entirely on the disinformation repeated by the dull Jewish professionals, Anti-Semites use this ordinary reference letter as a fake proof of the rape of poor Arabs...

I hope it is understandable now that in order to establish true legitimacy of Israel and to win it is absolutely necessary to immediately remove this suicidal disinformation from all the Jewish textbooks, from all dull Jewish universities and from all Jewish stupid professional theses (dissertations).

Everybody should understand that Balfour Letter (which is not a declaration even by its form) is just a reference letter, based on the mutual agreement between Jews and Arabs.  No place for pitiful stories about dirty rape or unfortunate Arabic kids.

There is no way to save Israel unless we establish its true legitimacy by PROVING in international courts that we are NOT British hirelings or mercenaries, NOT invaders, but the rightful owners of all Palestine!  Fundamental discoveries of our institute teach how this essential strategic work could and should be done based on the currently working International Law.  NO OTHER WAY TO SURVIVE EXISTED.

Precisely this way to save Israel (the people and the property) is written in Torah directly, as the commandment unconditionally obligatory to everyone - see Mitzvah # 237 . Unfortunately religious Jewish professionals refuse to learn and to fulfill Torah. Instead they perform idolatry to earth-born functionaries and to their deliriums.

Working hard days and nights for many-many years, I made a lot of tremendous discoveries and prepared everything necessary for our complete victory. This work is a good place to start your real education.

• 1919-01-03: The highest official Arab Delegation freely signed the Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine.
It stated that all Palestine belongs to the Jews and that Palestine could not be an Arabian State or an Arabian Kingdom. Arabs signed it with Zionist Jews, and there were no contradiction between Arabs and Zionists because Arabs clearly know that Palestine is 100% Jewish land. Even Qur'an mentioned that 15 times without a smallest doubt - see an example:
Qur'an is clearly stating that ALL Palestine belongs to the Jews
(some secular people don't know that "people lead by Moses"
is the essential definition of the Jews - well, now you know).
The problem is the stupidity of Israeli "strong leaders": Even to the negotiations they go
without any legal assets, without this one, without many other that God supplied us with.
• 1919-01-18 — ­­­­­­­­­1920-01-21:  The Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine was completely confirmed on the Paris Peace Conference and lately ratified by all the world nations via the Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations Mandate, Treaty of Lausanne, etc. It's the main foundation of the CURRENTLY WORKING International Law.  Despite of this fact Britain keep spreading a lot of rumors allegedly this Treaty is invalid, but I have proved that it is still valid 100%.

• 1919-03-03:   The chief of the Arabian delegation wrote: "We Arabs... look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organization to the Peace Conference, and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home".

 • 1919 —­­­­­­­­­ 1921:  Britain was deeply disconcerted that there is no place for its beloved "Divide and Conquer" doctrine. Febrilely Britain started to create all kinds of tensity. Sir Ronald Storrs, the first British Military Governor of Jerusalem (then he was British Civil Governor of Judea and Samaria), was daring not even to hide this main British goal. He officially set it up: Jews "will form for England a little loyal Jewish Ulster in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism."  This dirty objective was publicly announced in early 1920-s, and Perfidious Albion (Britain) started planting terrorism all over the Holy Land.  Lately the same Ronald Storrs creates a lot of terrorism an Rhodesia. He has done it for the same British goal - "Divide and Conquer".

• 1920-03-01:  Britain organized Bedouin's rebellion on the border with French Syria. As the direct result of this British action, Joseph Trumpeldor and seven other Jews were killed near by Tel Hai. All the professional textbooks and all the universities are cheating you again - Arabs have nothing to do with this action at all! Arabs were not even involved into terrorism activities yet, but Perfidious Albion does, as always...

• 1920-04-19 San Remo conference of the imperialistic Triple Entente military alliance:   I have to give you a lecture with very unique true information because ALL the paid professionals, all their theses, all "recognized by the world professional degrees" are cheating you with the most terrible British forgery, which kills legitimacy of Israel.

In short: All the Jewish paid professionals (especially lawyers and historians) are completely ignorant San Remo conference has absolutely nothing to do with League of Nations, nor with any Supreme

San Remo disinformation has concocted by British Intelligence.  It was fudged and massively thrown into the world 83 years after the conference, in 2003.  Despite of such very suspicious origin, Mossad and Shabak missed this massive anti-Israeli attack.  Once again...

First in the line of distributors of this disinformation are the following lawyers: Howard Grief, Eli E. Hertz, Mark Kaplan, as well as many others.  Distribution of this disinformation is very well paid.  For example Eli E. Hertz has received a lot of public awards, delivered via non-public dishonest contests.  Mark Kaplan keep receiving a lot of money for traveling all over the world and for distribution of this killing Israel disinformation directly to all influential  people and to all "leaders".

Now you have chance to learn essential piece of the truth, for which I had to spend many years of "one against the whole world" non-paid scientific research.  First of all, despite of disinformation massively entered into ALL textbooks and encyclopedias (yes, it is extremely massive infiltration), San Remo conference of 1920 has nothing to do with League of Nations.  It was a conference of the Entente military Allies.  Britain and France had critical problems with Red Russia.  They also had too many perilous contradictions between themselves regarding Syria and Mesopotamia.  Such critical contradictions had to be resolved without any more delays, so the Allies arranged the Entente conference.

San Remo was chosen for its pleasurable April weather which always come right after famous "La classica di Primavera" cycle race.  The Entente military allies had only one week total, so actual working time was even less.  Therefore only the most critical problems were discussed.  Italy and Japan was also invited, but they were such minor players on this military conference, that Dalmatia was assigned not to Italy, but to Yugoslavia despite of the existence of Dalmatian Italians.  Italy immediately started screaming, calling itself "mutilated" in the war and even after.  With all characteristic for them expressions Italians reminded their participation in the Entente military Allies, their 72% mobilization among all men 15-49 yo, and many-many thousands of them killed in the war.  In result Trento, Trieste, Gorizia, Gradisca, Istria were given to Italy.

Japan gains nothing despite of creating as much noise as it could...  I hope you got your first impression of what kind of busy place it was, and why they did not even want to talk about Palestine.  You got an introduction into internal problems Europeans had to discuss in less than a week  time-frame.  There were no way for them to escape from making a decision of what to do with Red Russia. After a lot of conversations these Entente members decided to recognize Red Russia de facto, but to continue the war with Communism using foreign armies, such as Polish army.

They also have issues around British-French contradictions regarding Syria and Mesopotamia (Iraq).  They did not have time to work properly on the Treaty of Sevres - therefore Turkey rejected it very easily. Now you start understanding why nobody in San Remo even touched anything regarding Palestine - they had no time for that! Not to say that France had never been interested in Palestine.

So-called "The San Remo Resolution for Palestine, 1920-04-25" never existed!  No such document was ever signed in San Remo!  So nobody can name even one person who has signed such never-existed document.  It is total disinformation, cooked by British Secret Services in order to turn the Jews into the illegal occupiers, into hirelings of imperialistic military alliance named Triple Entente, which conference was held in San Remo in 1920.

Sure, San Remo papers hold few passages and reminders from the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Trivial mentioning of Palestine in these passages mean: Nothing regarding Palestine have changed, added, removed or resolved in San Remo even in the internal plans of imperialistic military alliance Triple Entente.  No resolution regarding Palestine was signed in San Remo because there were nothing to sign!

Terrible falsification about San Remo was crafted from nothing, 83 years after the conference! Various Jewish traitors keep planting this disinformation since 2003 in order to kill Jewish rights for Jewish land and then to final impact Jewish state. How can they perform such a final kill of Jewish state? Arab delegation was not presented in San Remo. It is not a problem for the Jews because San Remo has nothing to do with Palestine, but with complete falsification of the story traitors defaming Jews as the San Remo imperialistic hirelings who stole Arabian land and should be persecuted!

The most aggressive and the most artful traitor is the well-paid Director, PR Director and Financial Director of the "Office for Israeli Constitutional Law" Mark Kaplan. With a big smile he persistently destroys the real Jewish rights for Jewish land. Instead he plant everywhere stories defaming Jews as San Remo imperialistic hirelings who storm Arabian land. He is well aware that he is killing Israel. A year ago we had over a week-long public scientific debates in writing about that matter. I was very nice to him (I did not want to give him a smallest chance to screw up the scientific part) and I clearly proved that the San Remo fake is the most terrible bomb ever planted under the entire existence of Jewish state. After that Mark Kaplan and his accomplices deleted all my scientific arguments and proves; he locked me out of their sites and started to perform betrayals of Israel even more aggressivel.

Not only vendible British authors like Paul Johnson are used for that (he got US Presidential Medal of Freedom for such dirty betrayals of Israel); not only lawyers like Eli E. Hertz, Howard Grief (author of the falsified book "The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law"), not only "Office for Israeli Constitutional Law", but even Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is widely propagating this killing Israel fraud! See for example page 55 from his book, officially presented to all the world presidents, to all political parties and to all parliaments:
There is no way to win, been legally presented as an imperialistic hireling, occupier and invader!
That's why Israel suffer from total strategic losses!

This collective betrayal is a well-known way to steal Jewish money. So all the paid professionals use it. So they fight with anything that may disturb this terrible stealing and total betrayal. Israel will never win if you did not stop supporting these thieves, traitors and idiots (or they remorse under your strong pressing).

As the direct result of all these betrayals, huge majority of the people (even half of the Jews) already called Jews the invaders and illegal occupiers. Whole world is already hating us because of these massive disinformation. If Israeli people did not request immediate complete investigation on these ongoing most terrible betrayals of Jewish state, then destruction of Israel is impending. No more time left!

Mandate for Palestine is very important part of the international ratification of Jewish rights for Jewish land, but it has nothing to do with the dirty-filthy falsification about San Remo. There are still more than two years till the beginning of the work on the Mandate...

• 1920-s:  Britain found the most terrible convicted felon, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni.  He was well-known for his passion to slaughter Armenians and Jews. Britain illegally cleaned up his criminal record and decided to put this bloody felon in charge of Muslims in Palestine, whatever it takes.

• 1921:  Britain brought this felon to Jerusalem and run a well-paid campaign to make him the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Despite of all the British support, this felon completely lost the election - he fall through to the last fourth place. That time Palestinian Muslims were yet peaceful and they clearly did not want a felon brought from nowhere.

• 1921:  Completely against the Muslim's will, Britain make this felon the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.  This way Britain set up bloody terrorism all over Palestine.  Lately, during WWII, this British henchman organized very frightful total massacre of Slavs in Europe. For such "heroism" he became a very close personal friend of Adolf Hitler...

• 1922-06-03:  Britain violated The Treaty of Versailles by many ways.  The most visible British offense against the law was issuing the most anti-Semitic Churchill White Paper.  Jews could and should start suing British Crown at least on that day,  Unfortunately all the Jewish nti-Jewish assault...

• 1922-07-24: Jewish Mandate for Palestine is created on the base of the Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine, which is briefly presented above and in all the details it is explained in our work here.  It is very important to understand that Mandate for Palestine has absolutely nothing to do with San Remo Conference of the Entente imperialistic military alliance, and so-called "The San Remo Resolution for Palestine, 1920-04-25" never ever existed!  Therefore the Jews in Palestine are NOT Entente imperialistic hirelings, as all the traitorous paid professionals inculcate.  Jews in Palestine are the rightful owners of all Palestine.

Once again Holy Land got faultless future.  But the world criminal, British Crown, immediately started spreading killing Israel heavy disinformation.  Via all the vendible paid professionals (especially via ignorant Jewish professors and officials) British Secret Services distribute and inculcate disinformation that Mandate for Palestine is British, not Jewish.  Tonnes and tonnes of encyclopedias, books and thesises are written by these extremely well-paid vendible professionals, but not a single one of them knows Mandatory Law, according to which Mandate for Palestine is Jewish     And that Mandate was created not on the base of the Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine   more and more Another killing Israel disinformation   I discovered Mandatory law and based on it have proved that the Mandate is not British but Jewish - see  the ending of the first page of
, but keep spreading killing Israel disinformation, well paid by

• 1922-08 —­­­­­­­­­ present time: None of the Jewish lawyers or other Jewish professionals had enough brainpower and knowledge to uncover this terrible anti-Jewish forgery (or all of these high-salaried individuals are the most harmful traitors of Israel - the choice is yours). Even today all of the professionals insist on the mortal for the Jews disinformation. Despite of the betrayal of all the paid professionals, despite of their malevolent confrontation, I was able to made tremendous discoveries. One of them was just mentioned - Mandate for Palestine has always being Jewish, never British.  Britain voluntarily signed to be the agent to help and to hold all the responsibilities for establishing Jewish home in all Palestine. No ownership, no revenue, no benefits, no change to Jewish rights or to the Jewish land allowed for Britain.  This crucial discovery with few other discoveries creates perfect legal basis for complete defense of Jewish state - see . We are 100% ready to provide the complete victory, but Israeli functionaries, who almost destroy Israel, keep fighting with the real specialists, with us.  Now your active support is the key factor.

• 1923-05-25:  Britain feloniously stole 76% of Jewish Palestine and gave it to British spy in Turkish parliament, to Mecca born Abdullah bin al-Hussein, who has no connection with Palestine.  Britain illegally recognized his cabinet as an independent government of the biggest part of Jewish land.

Ze'ev Jabotinsky and other licensed Jewish lawyers have done absolutely NOTHING to protect Jewish rights for Jewish land.  As usual, so called "Right-wing Zionist leaders" only scream oversimplified slogans and blame somebody else for tragic results of their own stupidity...For example, it was almost ten years of an Arab Jordan kingdom on Jewish land, when Ze'ev Jabotinsky wrote another empty slogan: "Two Banks has the Jordan – This is ours, and that is as well."  As you can see from here, this famous right-wing Jewish lawyer misinformed public instead of performing his professional duties!!!  Such behavior is very typical for the right-wing Jews. Thar's why Israel is losing everywhere...

• 1927-03:  Winston Churchill stated: "If I were an Italian, I would be a Fascist" - quoted from the Senate speech of Burton K. Wheeler, U.S. Senator from Montana - see "Vital Speeches of the Day", vol. VII, pp.447-448, delivered in the Senate 1941-03-20.

As well as other British politicians, Churchill say a lot of good words to the Jews, but he committed terrible crimes against the Jews, starting at least from the Churchill White Paper of 1922-06-03.  Churchill personally organized stealing of 76% of the Jewish land (explained above).  By the way, even the USA got sick and tired with Churchill's dishonesty.  On the picture above you can see an American WWII poster depicting Winston Churchill as a bulldog...

• 1928-09-28:  For the holiest day of Yom Kippur Jews placed very traditional lite customary screens (mechitzas) between Jewish men and Jewish women praying by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Jews also brought benches and chairs for their women because it was the whole day pray. The Yom Kippur yielding pray of penitence could not create any trouble for other religions or nations, but British police started beating Jewish women with the benches and chairs they were sitting on. That's how Britain performed the first big pogrom and organized the first big confrontation in Palestine.

• 1928-09-28:  Right after this dirty provocation, British gave command to their felon henchman, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, to start big Anti-Jewish campaign (yes, he was rather quiet for seven years, preparing for this British command).

• 1928:  As their own part of that maleficent Anti-Jewish campaign, British Crown forbade the essential part of Jewish religious services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - blowing a Shofar by the Wailing Wall.

• 1928:  British also issued an edict that the Wailing Wall (the last remaining part of the Jewish Solomon's Temple) is a Muslim property.  On 1931-05-19 this edict was confirmed by the Royal Order in Council, signed in the Buckingham Palace.

• 1929-08-15:  During the fasting of Tisha B'Av (day of wailing for the destroyed Temple) Jews had a very peaceful approved meeting by the Wailing Wall.   No complication was created by the Jews.

• 1929-08-16:  Despite of the no-problem current status, on the very next day British once again organized beating of the Jews and burning of the Torah's scrolls by the Wailing Wall.  The British police post, established at that place just 10 days prior, was happy to laugh observing that barbarous vandalism against innocent Jews.  No doubt British police got clear command not to interfere with the pogrom.

• 1929-08-16:  The number of eye-witnesses was enormous, but British acting High Commissioner Harry Luke announced: "no prayer books had been burnt, but only pages of prayer books". This way Britain gave the green light for all the Anti-Jewish riots, and the main wave of bloody terrorism started.

• 1929-08-17:  The following day young Sephardi Jew Abraham Mizrachi was stabbed with a big knife. He died in the throes on the next day. It is very symbolical that British interventionists and their henchmen started massive Jewish massacre from a local Jew who lived all his live in Jerusalem.

• 1929-08-18: The boy's funeral was suppressed by the same force that had been employed in the massacre. The same British acting High Commissioner Harry Luke refuses to end the Anti-Jewish violence in Jerusalem.

• 1929-08-23:  In less than a week all the criminals around Jerusalem received that clear British message, and thousands of them streamed to Jerusalem for a biggest pogrom ever. The Jews had to close and barricade their shops since 9:30 AM on that threatening day.

• 1929-08-23:  The same British acting High Commissioner Harry Luke called his henchmen Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Nobody knows what they were talking about, but in a result the Mufti leads the mob. He initiated the rumors that two Muslims had been killed by Jews. Muslims started attacking the Jews all over Jerusalem. The violence quickly spread throughout Palestine...

• 1929: Britain allowed 1764 Arabs and only 321 Jews in the British Police. Even so the Jewish policemen were ordered to stay in offices during these pogroms. While a number of Jews were being killed at the Jaffa Gate, British Police have done nothing to stop pogroms.

• 1929-08-24:  British henchmen killed 67 Jews in Hebron, and Hebron's Arabs saved 600 Jews. Arabs were so mush indignant of this massacre, so for the next two years none of Jews were killed by Arabs, but Britain continues to kill Jews on regular (for them) daily basis.

• 1929-08-27:  By that day many dozens of Jews were killed in Safed, Motza, Kfar Uria, Hebron, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 17 Jews were killed only in the Jerusalem area; 67 Jews were killed in Hebron. Hundreds of Jews were badly wounded...

• 1929Who are the true Palestinians:  59 football teams were registered in FIFA for Palestine. 11 of them were non-Jewish and none of the non-Jewish teams wanted to be called "Palestinian" because everybody knows - Palestine is 100% Jewish brand. Only Shimon Ratner's all-Jewish team obtained the name "Palestine National Football Team". You'll see more on this throughout this work and in our other works.

• 1930-10-01:  British invaders issued Passfield White Paper, where they illegally limited Jewish rights to enter Jewish land of Palestine. These rights were confirmed by all the nations of the world in The Treaty of Versailles and in Jewish Mandate for Palestine. Many other Anti-Jewish rules were illegally established for the Jewish land.

• 1930:  As I mentioned above, Arabs were so mush indignant of the Hebron massacre that they started actively protecting the Jews, and for the whole year of 1930 not a single Jew was killed by Arabs. Only Britain continues to kill Jews regularly.

• 1931:  Similarly Arabs were so mush indignant of the Hebron massacre that they continue actively protecting the Jews, and for the whole year of 1931 not a single Jew was killed by Arabs. Sure, Britain continues to kill Jews...

• 1931-05-19:  British Crown in Buckingham Palace issued Order in Council, illegally stating that the Wailing Wall (the last remaining part of theJewish Solomon's Temple) is a Muslim property.  British also confirmed their 1928 felonious prohibition of the essential part of Jewish religious services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - blowing a Shofar by the Wailing Wall.  Here is the exact quotation from that felonious British Royal Order in Council: "The Jews shall not be permitted to blow the ram's horn (Shofar) near the Wall nor cause any other disturbance to the Moslems".

• 1934-03-14:  All-Jewish Zionistic "Palestine National Football Team" arrived at the Continental hotel in Cairo. The official delegation of the Egyptian Football Federation came to warmly welcome Zionistic Palestinian team.

• 1934-03-16:  The Arabs of Egypt, Sudan and of other Arab countries are still 100% sure that  Palestine must be the Jews land, as it is stated in Qur'an and in the The Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine .  At that day Jewish "Palestine National Football Team" played its very first international game in a friendly Egyptian-Sudanese capital Cairo.  Arabic national orchestra was happy to play for the "Palestine National Football Team" the indisputable Palestinian National Anthem - Jewish essential Zionistic song "HaTikva"!
Muslims were still 100% sure - only Zionistic anthem may represent Palestinians.

Unfortunately all the Jewish paid professionals, functionaries and politicians are bought over by Britain.  Bought over for their "recognized by the world" diplomas and for corresponding huge salaries.  None of the Jewish officials ever had brainpower to recognize and to protect essential Jewish legal assets (presented above).  Without these key assets no guns, no submarines, no fighter jets can save Jerusalem and Israel.

It's a fact that not even one paid professional ever had brainpower to protect Jewish legal rights for Jewish Land.  Instead they  keep fighting other Jews for administrative power and for corresponding huge salaries.  Unfortunately all the paid professionals are bought over by their "recognized by the world" thesis and diplomas, which are overloaded with British disinformation.

Jewish paid professionals know nothing besides that killing Israel British disinformation, and they don't even want to know anything besides that well-paid British professional disinformation.  That's why Jewish paid professionals have lost all the informational wars - because paid professionals don't know anything besides killing Israel British disinformation written in their "recognized by the world" diplomas.  That's why Israel is dying...

How could Jewish paid professionals create a solution if none of them was ever able to write even the True History of Israel?  That's why Jewish paid professionals are unable to save Israel - without adequate knowledge of the history it is impossible even to understand what's happening.  That's why Jewish paid professionals now have to evict Jews from Jerusalem True History of Israel.  do maximum possible to kill the real specialists.
Not only they can't find out the truth, not only they don't understand the source of the problems, but they can't understand even already created REAL solution, the REAL cure, that is 100% ready for the victory - see

Paid professionals only know "paid/non-paid" criteria, oversimplified slogans and permanent fighting for personal power, so called "Jewish Leadership" or "Strong Leader". That has absolutely nothing to do with creating cure for the disease. Therefore doesn't matter what they want or what they promise. Without real cure made by the real scientist, leaders can only lose each and every strategic battle. That's why we keep losing our land, allies, positions in the world, essential legal assets, all the informational wars, our lives - everything...

• 1934-04-06: Jewish Zionistic "Palestine national football team" played its second international game. Egyptian Arabs was their contestant again. Therefore Tel-Aviv was chosen for the return game. Fuad I, the King of Egypt and Sudan, sent a warm salutatory telegram to the players of all-Jewish Zionistic Palestinian team.

As you can see now, hate for the Jews and big Arabian terrorism was not established in the Middle East yet. Anti-Jewish hate was known in the somnambular bloody Europe only. Soon Perfidious Albion will export it from Europe to plant it on the Holy Land.

• 1934 —­­­­­­­­­ 1948:  British invaders thrown the rightful owners of the Jewish land into concentration camps, abusively build on the Jewish land. One of these concentration camps, namely Atlit, is still existed as a museum. You can go there and see that Britain was dared to establish and to operate chain of concentration camps for the Jews in Jewish Palestine. That was done completely illegally, but none of the Jewish lawyers had enough brainpower to discover the legal basis to call Britain into the courts to defend Jews and Jewish rights.

Here is the victorious legal basis: . Famous Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Menahem Begin were licensed lawyers, but they only played Boy Scout war games and violated their direct responsibilities (not to mention that Jabotinsky plaid Masonic and other games in Paris). Now with the discovered mighty weaponry we can save Jerusalem and Israel, but the Jewish paid professionals have no brainpower to support it. Jews only pursue brainless slogans and therefore lose one Jewish city after another.
• 1933 — ­­­­­­­­­1937 Nazi-Zionist Palestine project:  Nazi dislike Jews, but yet did not even dream to kill the Jews. The very end of this project was far before first pogrom in Germany, over a year before Kristallnacht. In fact all the pogroms in Germany were expedited because of the failure of this project. At this period of time Nazi were very happy with any Jewish plan to immigrate from Europe. Therefore on 1937-10-02 the highest ranking officers from the Nazi Jewish Department arrived to Palestine to provide maximum possible support for the Jewish Palestine project.

Once again, we clearly see serene future for the Jews and for all people in Palestine, but the evil did not sleep. British Crown keep running their numerous man-hating conspiracy activities. All the documents of the arrived German officers were prepared in Berlin with proper German pedantry. They had valid tourist visas and nobody ever suspect them to became illegal immigrants. Despite of all that, Britain restricted their stay in Palestine to the time their ship stays in Haifa - this and the next day only...

Having no other options, German officials had to ride that ship again. Soon they arrived to Alexandria, where they had no interests whatsoever. So right away they moved as closer to Palestine as possible. They arrived to Cairo and started looking for other options to enter Palestine to start helping the Jewish Palestine project.

Yes, the old "professional" textbooks are cheating everywhere. It sounds very unusual, but all the facts are very clear: At that period of time the main intention of the Nazi Jewish Department was to help the Jewish Palestine project. The plan to help the Jews to go away from Europe was extremely tempting for the Nazi of early 1930-s. Therefore Berlin have used all available diplomatic resources and all other options to make it happened.

Again and again, we clearly see serene future for the Jews, but the evil is always there.  British Crown strictly cut Berlin delegation off all the options, even from the option to enter Palestine. Britain was already killing Jews in huge massive actions, and Britain made maximum possible to leave Nazi with only the same option to get rid of the Jews: to kill all the Jews...

One may say: "Disagreed!  No doubt real Nazi were much more dangerous than these who arrived to help the Jewish Palestine project!".  Well, lets see who were the Nazi in the delegation we are talking about. This delegation of high-ranking Nazi was leaded by Herbert Hagen and by Adolf Eichmann.  Yes, that Adolf Eichmann, grandmaster of Holocaust...

They are the most anti-Semitic soulless Nazi ever existed on the surface of our planet...  But there is a phenomenon more evil than Nazi.  Facts testify: British Crown is the evil who is more dangerous for the Jews then Adolf Eichmann.  British Crown turns Nazi and all other anti-Semites on only one way to go - on killing the Jews...

Facts testify very clearly: At that period of time even Adolf Eichmann and Adolf Hitler did not think about killing all the Jews.  Nazi were in power already, and they did not perform even one pogrom till the end of 1938, when British Crown prepared for publishing its most anti-Semitic MacDonald White Paper.  In 1920-s and in 1930-s only British hirelings (say the hirelings Britain brought to Hebron in 1929) and Britain itself killed Jews in massive actions...

It is also very important to notice that in the Middle East of 1930-s Nazi delegation did not need to have even one meeting with Arabs regarding Jews.  Why?  Because everybody in that Nazi delegation know that based on Qur'an Arabs support Jewish Palestinian project.  Arabs did not need any meeting with Nazi delegation in Palestine for the same reason.  At that period of time nobody expected any serious human problem in Palestine, but later on Britain and British hireling Amin al-Husayni intentionally crashed peaceful life in Palestine.

• 1939:  King George VI was very satisfied with the British concentration camps that Britain built on Jewish land for the Jews. King George VI wrote: "glad to think that steps are being taken to prevent these people leaving their country of origin". He is talking about Germany and Poland, where Hitler already started his "Final Solution to the Jewish Question". British king knows that in Hitler's public speech on 1939-01-30 (the six year anniversary of his accession to power) Hitler clearly pronounced "the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!".

• 1938-06-29:  British invaders started hanging Jews on Jewish land.  Even Nazi did not hang Jews yet...

• 1938-11-09: At the same night when Nazi run their first pogrom named Kristallnacht, British Crown published the most antisemitic British White Paper - MacDonald White Paper(approved by British Parliament on 1939-05-22).

In a very brutal form this document violates Jewish Mandate for Palestine and the Mandatory Law presented at the bottom of the first page of my This White Paper was 100% illegal  and extremely antisemitic. It stoles Jewish rights for Jewish land.

• 1939-02-07 — 1939-03-17: In order to mix up and to screw up everything, British colonial secretary Malcolm MacDonald organized a kangaroo conference in St James's Palace in London. No one from the official delegation elected by the Arab nation (and signed the Arab-Jewish Treaty) was invited to that conference. Instead Britain brought its hireling, convicted assassin Amin al-Husseini. The failure of such a kangaroo conference was predetermined. That was the occasion Britain Crown created to start using its extremely antisemitic MacDonald White Paper.

• 1939-05-22: British Parliament approved that antisemitic MacDonald White Paper.  Following Nazi Nuremberg Laws, Britain terribly limited Jewish rights even on Jewish land.  British invaders already started hanging Jews on Jewish land.  Even Nazi did not hang Jews yet...

As I explained above, MacDonald White Paper is 100% illegal  and extremely antisemitic. It stoles Jewish rights for Jewish land. Jews had more than enough time to protest that illegal Wite Paper in various courts. Jews had perfect chances to win on the base of the letter of the law - 100% winning legal basis is explained in a very concise form in my manual for the complete victory:

Unfortunately so-called "Jewish leaders" never had brain - sticks and oversimplified slogans is the top of their intellectual abilities. Say, Ze'ev Jabotinsky was licensed lawyer; he completely neglect and forgot his direct professional duties and started writing useless catchwords and slogans like: "Two Banks has the Jordan - This is ours and that is as well". Britain very easily fool such brainless "Jewish leaders". In result we have lost both banks of Jordan, and Jewish nation is still defenseless against the main enemies - Britain and UN.

No brain among so-called "Jewish leaders". Fight with each other instead of the thinking processes, oversimplified slogans and sticks - the only things they ever understood up to this very day. This tragedy happened with the Jews because religious Jews completely refuse to learn, to fulfill and to teach the most strongly given  Torah's Mitzvah 237  on how to defense and save the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel.

Concise practical manual guaranteed complete and total victory at that period of time.  This working manual is fully applicable even now, but every day we have left less and less to save...

Therefore all of you should explain without any delays that Jews must start learning and supporting the REAL solutions, which are completely developed, 100% ready for the victory and well-explained in the fundamental works of our New York Middle East Institute.

All of you have to explain to the Jews: "Please stop your idolatry to various functionaries who always lead Jews from one Holocaust to another. Start learning the real method to win and Torah's Mitzvah 237 on how to defense and save the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel".

The truth is: None of the Jewish bureaucrats and functionaries was ever able to understand what's going on with Israel. All of them only swallow suicidal for Israel disinformation carefully prepared by British Intelligence. These Israeli functionaries receive various "recognized by the world professional diplomas" for that terrible betrayal of Israel...

None of these various officials was able to uncover and to write the True History of Israel (you are reading it right now). Sure, then none of them could create a solution for saving Israel - a much more complicated task. Therefore the only thing these bureaucratic "Jewish leaders and professionals" could do is to bite to death other Jews in the fight for personal power. That's what they do under the cover of oversimplified and completely useless catchwords...

Only REAL specialists from our New York Middle East Institute are able to overcome British Intelligence, to uncover True History of Israel and to create this fundamental work. Only REAL specialists from our New York Middle East Institute was able to create REAL solutions and to save Israel Nation and Israel Land from the rapidly coming most terrible new Holocaust.

Political shamans will never allow real doctor. It's your direct duty to support the REAL doctor and to bring him to the patient.
Let the REAL doctor do the work!  Save your kids, your mother, your country!  Let the REAL doctor save the patient!

• 1919 — ­­­­­­­­­1939 and further:  Independent of the stupidity of the Jewish leaders, Britain occupational forces are completely responsible for all the assassinations of the Jews. Britain willingly built the terrorism system in the Middle East, Britain consciously signed a dead sentence to the Jews.

 1940 — ­­­­­­­­­1946: Britain bombed ships with Jewish Holocaust survivors - learn details in thecorresponding article here, as well as in my other works and articles.

• 1942-02-24: 768 Jewish Holocaust survivors including 103 children were martyred to death by Britain. These Jews escaped from Hitler on a ship "Struma". They only wanted to be alive, butBritish High Commissioner for Palestine Sir Harold Alfred MacMichael personally requested to illegally tow them out of Bosporus back to the Black Sea and to leave there to die excruciatingly, without food, water and fuel. These Jews escaped from Hitler, but they were unable to escape from the most terrible assassin - Britain.

• 1947-11-29: British university textbooks (all other textbooks are just a blueprint from these) planted sordid forgery namely "UN decision to create Israel". Corrupted Jewish professionals are cheating you again. In fact, UN never made anything good to create Jewish state on Jewish land.

UN Resolution 181(II) only partition Jewish land in another illegal attempt to destroy Jewish rights for Jewish land. That's all they have done in a completely illegal way, contradictory even to its own (UN's) Charter. I have to give complete course of lectures regarding what was really done there and what should we do now to recover our essential rights. The problem is the traitorous Jewish paid professionals who are doing maximum possible not to let me to uncover the truth about their total betrayal. In short: UN Resolution 181(II) stole Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria from the Jews, but treacherous Israeli Knesset and MFA support that UN resolution - see .

There is absolutely no way to save Jerusalem and Israel unless we properly deny that total betrayal of Israeli government. We are 100% ready to win, but all the traitorous Jewish paid professionals do maximum possible to cut us off the resources.

Ben Gurion is signing a small piece of scroll
• 1948-05-14: Jewish "super-professionals" put so many British perfidies into theIsraeli Declaration of Independence, that David Ben-Gurion had to cut the text off, and everybody solemnly signed almost empty very short piece of scroll. Lately Ben-Gurion had a big fight for less traitorous text. He won couple of important positions, but unfortunately even he (!) was unable to overcome all the British-poisoned paid professionals. Therefore current Israeli Declaration of Independence is still one of the biggest terrorist bombs, planted under the Jewish state. You can find more in my book or you can schedule my lectures for complete explanation about this matter and what should be done immediately to delouse the foundation of Jewish state.

Please take a look at the documentary picture - there is NO Declaration of Independence (Establishment) of Israel during the signing the Declaration of Independence of Israel. Ben Gurion is signing not a Declaration, but a very short piece of almost empty scroll...

As I explained - Ben Gurion had to cut off the Declaration and dropped it into garbage because at the last minute traitorous paid professionals replaced the text of the Declaration with something too much dependent from Britain and UN...

• 1948-06-11: In less then a month after proclamation of Jewish State, UN issued prohibition for the Jews to come to Israel.  This action against Holocaust survivors is another very comprehensible proof of the fact that UN never originated Jewish state.  Instead UN partitions Palestine, stealing Jerusalem and other Jewish lands from the rightful owners - the Jews...

As the UN Security Council mediator, Folke Bernadotte actively participated in illegal activity of UN.  Exactly for this activity he wasassassinated...  His participation in disgraceful activities of UN doesn't mean he was bad.  He was as silly as the Jewish leaders.  They did not know Mandatory Law and the REAL Jewish rights which could and should be used to engineer the mighty weapon against the main enemies - British Crown and UN.

Famous Jewish leaders, licensed lawyers Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Menachem Begin had their professional obligation to discover Mandatory Lawand to defend Jewish rights.  They failed completely.  Instead of using brains and performing professional duties they played boy scout war games and killed messengers like Folke Bernadotte...

Unfortunately all the Jewish paid professionals, lawyers and officials are so silly that they celebrate UN resolution to steal Jerusalem from the Jews!  As you can see from this factual proof Jewish leaders and professionals are happy to celebrate this most terrible Anti-Semitic action of UN - partitioning and stealing Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria from the Jews!  That's an unbelievable idiocy!

Jewish leaders have a lot of slogans, but no brain.  Therefore they celebrate Anti-Semitic actions of UN right in Knesset!  As the direct result of 60 years of this stupidity, Jewish officials had to surrender tombs of forefathers and many primordial Jewish cities.  Now they have to expulsion Jews even from Jerusalem ...

Realize the facts: not some "leftists", but Jewish "rightists" always surrender Jewish land, doesn't matter what they want and what they promise.  The most notorious "strong right-wing Jewish leaders" are surrendering Jerusalem and whole Jewish state right now.  They stumping and screaming, but keep losing everywhere.  They are unable to bring any good result because they don't even understand why they lose!

"Strong right-wing Jewish leaders" spread a lot of swears to protect Jerusalem and Jewish state, but they absolutely unable to do that because  they don't have brain for such sophisticated job.  They don't have brain even to understand who are the main enemies!

• 1950: Britain and British Pakistan illegally recognized and pronounced Eastern Jerusalem as a Jordan territory. No other country besides Communistic Russia wanted to participate in such a defamatory activity.

• 1964 —­­­­­­­­­ 1967-06-10: Britain realized that even after the loss of approximately 85% of the territory, confirmed by the Arab-Jewish Treaty and by the Jewish Mandate for Palestine; even in the huge obstruction throughout the world, Israeli people still did not give up. Israelite are still ready for peace and for war.

• 1964 — ­­­­­­­­­present time: British Secret Services worked very hard, and they found the way to beat Jews to the death. They decided that if Jews are so positive in their intellect - then they will be completely aidless to their stupidity.  Britain started new campaign, based entirely on populism and idiotism of Israeli "strong leaders".

Real scientists for ages call it "Palestinian Talmud" because Palestine is 100% Jewish brand known at least since XIV BC. Romans has nothing to do with it - they call our land "Iudaea" only.

Throughout Jewish university professors Britain planted 100% disinformation that despite of well-known Palestinian Talmud, etc, the brand Palestinian is not Jewish. Britain counterfeited a story that brand Palestine was created by Romans in order to disgrace Jews. That is a very primitive rip-off, Romans called our land "Iudaea" and never replaced one local name with another local name, but stupid Jewish professionals and big mouth patriots are extremely happy to keep spreading this mortal Anti-Jewish plague. A lot of Jews were surprised with such a turn, a lot of jokes were made, but not even one Jew had brainpower to realize that the brand Palestine is the most powerful asset, acting in the legal documents - say, there is only Mandate for Palestine, no Mandate for Israel existed

Therefore it's absolutely irrelevant if nowadays we like Jewish brand "Palestinians" or dislike it. The essential Jewish property is directly associated with this brand in all the legal documents. Therefore we should have keep and protected this Jewish brand stronger than any bank or military base, but Jewish lawyers brainlessly rendered to enemies this most powerful legal weapon.That's how a new nation of phony owners of our land was created and officially recognized not by enemies, but by Israeli paid professionals! This mortal strategic defeat happened exclusively because of the stupidity of Jewish lawyers, professionals and strong leaders (jarheads).The salvage of Jerusalem and Israel from new "owners" requires immediate withdrawal of the key legal asset "Palestinians" back to the Jews. It is required whether you like it or not!  And don't be surprised with your bad feelings - medical procedures are always not pleasant. Here is the recuperation manual: .

• 1988-12-15: The UN General Assembly Resolution 43/177 entered a provision, tremendously raising PLO’s status.  UN illegally replaced the title PLO with a very powerful brand "Palestine", which was stolen from the Jews.  This way UN created strategic kill of Jewish state, but the Jews did not have a brain to understand even such terribly cankerous action...  It is ultimate and quite fast way of killing Jewish state because most of the legal rights for sovereignty and for the land are directly associated with the brand Palestine (for example there is no Mandate for Israel, only Mandate for Palestine existed).

Unfortunately Israeli officials and so called "Strong Jewish Leaders" never had brain to recognize who are the main enemies (British Crown and UN) and how these enemies kill Israel.  Without such understanding, all Jewish officials actively help the enemies.  For example the UN Partition Palestine Resolution 181(II) was used on 1988-11-15 as the legal base for proclaiming Arab-Muslim state on Jewish land.  It happened only because of the stupidity of all "Strong Jewish Leaders" who keep supporting this UN's resolution.  Take a look by yourself:  So instead of protecting Israel All Jewish officials keep killing Israel by supporting and glorifying UN's resolution to steal Jerusalem from the Jews.

Even after a very long work as the Israeli ambassador in UN, they "got shocked" to hear that UN is the enemy of Israel.  Take a look how they confess in this total incomprehension and yet don't understand that: .  So

Horrible incompetence of all Jewish officials!  Their incapacity already screw up Jewish state, and they keep doing the same.  can only oppress the real specialist - that's their way to   Because of such frightful incompetence "Jewish Strong Leaders" constantly lead Israel to total strategic losses.  always lose Israeli government have to expulsion Jews even from Jerusalem:

Unfortunately not even one objection was raised against that UN's illegal action because Jewish lawyers never had qualification needed for understanding of what is going on with Israel.  Jewish lawyers are so terribly incompetent because since studentship they mark what British (the main enemy) ordered them to memorize in order to get "recognized by the world professional diplomas".  It is the most effective way to buy all the paid professionals.  British Intelligence successfully used it  entered into their test questionnaire...

Never ever Jewish paid professionals understand how British Crown and UN kill Israel.  Without such essential understanding of who are the main enemies, they were never able to create working solutions for the problems, and Israel is dying.  In order to hide their incompetence, Jewish paid professionals oppress the real specialist with extreme violence, and they keep cutting our institute off all the financial and other resources.  That's the only thing they do.  They only peculate people's money, cream oversimplified slogans and keep spreading killing Israel disinformation prepared by British Secret Services.

This Resolution was issued based on the UN Resolution 181(II), which stole Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria from the Jews. Jewish paid professionals are such unbelievably stupid, that they completely support it! ALL of them - not even one exception existed! They celebrate it right in Knesset - see ...

Unbelievable but fact: Not even one wise man existed among ALL Jewish lawyers and among ALL other paid professionals. Therefore they scream patriotic slogans, but kill Israel very rapidly...

• 1990 – present time: Nobody else but Britain runs dozens of phony legal persecutions against Israel. Even "lefty" Tzipi Livni can't now leave Israel because she afraid to get into the British jail. This way Britain paralyzed Israeli Army almost completely.

Silly Israeli lawyers surrendered under this main problem. Now the needed legal solution for how to protect our army and our people from British persecutions is created and 100% ready for our complete victory , but disgraceful Israeli lawyers and leaders only trying to defame the Jew who created this REAL way to protect our army, our people and our homeland.

• 2010: Britain announced officially that the Queen is 100% ready to recognize Arab state on the Jewish land...

                                                              "JORDAN is PALESTINE" and OTHER SUICIDAL DECOYS

The decoy in war is a false target, say a wooden fake tank, specifically designed to be mistaken by bomber plane crews to be real. I have to give a complete course of lectures regarding various intellectual decoys used against Jews. Here are just few of the most popular decoys:

We don't have Mandate for Israel. Only Mandate for Palestine existed. Therefore to yield up to the enemy our key legal asset "Palestine" is the worst betrayal ever. Jews, including a lot of Knesset members, must have lost their brain completely supporting such terrible decoys as "Jordan is Palestine".

Many also like to say "I advocate that the hostile Arab population be repatriated to Jordan". That is not just naive childish dream, but an extremely harmful decoy because for such repatriation we will never get an agreement with the King of Jordan, who hates these Arabs.

Only the most evil enemies support such decoys against Israel. That's what "strong leasers" constantly do, because they all are stupid.

                                                          THE TRUE LEADER and WHY BRUTAL OPPRESSION DOESN'T WORK

It is time to realize that the true leader, as the true doctor, is the one who is able to understand pathogenesis of the diseases and to fight the real sources of diseases. Not the one who is constantly talking about the most visible symptoms, say Arabian terrorist leaders. Propose killing terrorist leaders? Go and kill as many as you could. Keep killing them till you lose all your men. But tell me two things.

1) What's the reason to amputate even the big toe,
     if the whole leg is in gangrene?

2) What for have you lost our best men if a part of the gangrene is still there?
You say: "Then kill ALL the enemies, doesn't matter how many hundreds of thousands of our soldiers will die". First send your own kids to die. All of them... Maybe losing everything that you love will stimulate your brain to start thinking who ALL the enemies are. You have to realize thatthe main enemies are the Foreign Ministers of the European Countries and their somnambulistic Anti-Semitic nations who made the official decision that Jerusalem should be divided and turned into another Arab-Muslim capital.

If you can not kill all these enemies, then you have to shut up the big mouths of all politicians (that's the easiest part - just boycott all of them and all elections). Then start using your brain and learn already created intellectual weaponry not to brush off symptoms (like hitmen and other cheap expendables), but to beat up the main enemy who run that bloody show - European Anti-Semites. That’s the only option to crash the backbone of the entire system of terrorism. Learn the manual very diligently: .

Start it immediately, while it's not too late. First learn the true situation and the true history that was stolen from you by the traitorous and vendible paid professionals.

Without understanding of the situation, having no strategy whatsoever, jarheads (strong leaders) propagate the following statement regarding the way to win: "brutal oppression and force". The key point is: try to prove it with the FACTS OF OUR VICTORY, not with any "opinion". And don't mix up crash of an army with the victory. Say, America crashed Iraqi army in a week, and FOR MANY YEARS don't know what to do with such a "victory"... Also don't mix up the victory we need with some tactical deviations.

While you are trying to find AT LEAST one fact to support your words, I'll explain to you the real disposition.

Instead of deep thinking people are listening to big mouth figures, who have oversimplified catchwords, lots of observations, but no understanding whatsoever. They act in a delirium of their minds. That is very visible at least since 1973, but you close your eyes and your mind completely - anything and everything for the idolatry to jarheads (strong leaders).

Here is the adequate picture: In the current situation, when Arabs are no more than cannon fodder in a big bloody game of Europeans, any direct oppression of those cheap expendables not only can not bring us the victory, but ALWAYS creates fatal strategic losses for us. I'll explain to you how we kill ourselves and our country just by following the oppression recommendations that you believe blindly.

Europeans don't care about Arab's lives (definitely less than we do), but as soon as we stick into that oppression shit, Anti-Semites use it against us, and they always smash us completely, because prior to now nobody was able to create any weapon against the REAL enemy.

European Anti-Semites pursue our soldiers and our Knesset members with the court orders and even sue them in criminal courts. Our best generals have to run away from the police like pickpockets. Israeli generals have to run in panic from their battlefields because Jews have never had a brain to realize who the real enemy is. Even after dozens of run away from that main enemy!

As soon as under command of a Strong Leader we start oppressing British cheap expendables (Arabs), the main enemies get an easy option to revoke European and other visas from all Israeli soldiers and citizens. If Europe does this to Israel, then all young people and half of the adults will run away from such a closed ghetto. Israel will be left without army and almost without Jewish citizens. Total collapse, kaput and bloody death of Israel in just a decade... That's the only result available from "Strong Leadership".

So not a strong leader is needed, but understanding of the disease and discovery of the cure. Scientific brain is required, not a jarhead. Don't listen to the propaganda for idiots. We always have more than enough strong leaders. We are in a deep lack of brain.

Never before Israel got a brain to create weaponry against its strategic collapse coming via oppression of that British cheap expendables (Arabs). Never before Jews have a brain at least to realize who the main enemy is. That's why each big forceful pressure put on local Arabs under "Right-wing Jewish Leadership" finally turns into suffering defeat of more and more Jewish land. Always. All paid professionals are cheating. The truth is quite opposite: All Jewish land was lost under Strong Right-wing Jewish Leadership ONLY!

The stronger Right-wing Jewish Leaders push local Arabs, the more frightening for Israel final result we got! Why? Because:

1) The main enemies stay absolutely intact;

2) They have more than enough of those cheap expendables;

3) The axe over the Jews grows with every push.

This way under Strong Jewish Leadership we have lost such primordial Jewish cities as Jericho, Shechem, Beit-Lechem, Hebron... We are losing our only Jerusalem right now, precisely by the Hebron scenario and under the same commander in chief - Netanyahu.

The mighty armament against the main enemy and against the backbone of terrorism system is created and 100% ready for the victory: . The problem is the paid professionals who can't learn new sciences about complicated systems, even when these sciences are created already. Jews still don't have brain to support the real cure and the only scientist who create intellectual weapon needed for victory. Jews keep screaming old oversimplified slogans that already throw us down into a very deep shit.

                                                                               ONLY OUR NEW SCIENCES can create REAL SOLUTIONS

Titanic amount of research is performed. Tremendous discoveries are achieved; practical solutions and full size university courses are created. All professionals must take these courses to liquidate ignorance, but they don't care – they care only about stealing the finance.

New sciences on information and on complicated systems are also created. Humanity has never had access to such a treasure! Only these sciences allow to make one person cleverer than whole Mossad (the proof is in front of you), cleverer than British Secret Intelligence, cleverer than KGB, cleverer than hundreds of institutions constantly spending billions of dollars on Middle East problems! First time in the human history we have real opportunity to improved brainpower drastically, and these courses are also ready for you.

The author is not immortal, and your descendants will accuse you in not picking up these most valuable new sciences. I can't rape you, people, but I keep trying to teach you at least the solution to the most urgent and the most complicated problem: Salvation of Jerusalem and Israel. I hope some day I will have time to describe my tremendous discoveries in physics, in intellect study, in other sciences.

For the victory first we have to beat that Perfidious Albion by proving in the courts that all its acts of aggressions against Holy Land are illegal literally. I created perfectly unbeatable legal platform for that - see . In a big part it is based on the Mandatory law that I was able to discover.

I believe all the honest British citizens will understand that necessity, because it's the only chance to save all the good things they have (see more in my book). My own world outlook was seriously improved from just one phrase that I heard from an old English gentleman in my high school time (on a TV, of course). He said: "Our history taught us not to trust our government just because it is government". Well, it's time for real English gentlemen to apply what they learned from their history.

Jews should have discovered legal platform to sue and to beat up Perfidious Albion long-long time ago. Unfortunately Jews did not have brain for that. But no doubt even today we yet can knock Perfidious Albion down and win - see the manual for the complete victory . It's the only way to protect from massive British persecutions the soldiers who protect Israel, as well as the only way to recover all our legal assets and everything else.

We still can win. The only problem again is the idolatry the Jews perform on these paid professionals who are completely bought over for their "recognized by the world" diplomas and by corresponding to these diplomas huge salaries. Let them eat this money, stolen from the Jewish people. Please just stop believing to the idols who don't even able to know our history, who do nothing but harm, who constantly reiterating all the traitorous British disinformation that kills Israel. Just stop believing into these disgraceful idols and give us a chance to save you and your beloved grandchildren.

As I briefly explained earlier, new very powerful adequate sciences about information and about complicated systems are created. Besides other tremendous achievements, these sciences allow to teach how to detect and uncover all other "Divide and Conquer" (Divide Et Impera) British attacks that are constantly coming. These and many other attacks that Israel can't resist right now will not be dangerous any more as soon as you learn and master these sciences.

Complete courses on how to teach over all these Jewish professionals are prepared. It is possible now to decontaminate their brains, deeply poisoned by British Secret Intelligence Service forgeries. It is possible now to decontaminate and remove all the British forgeries and bombs planted into all university textbooks and into all professional examinational tests.

It is your call now, call of the Jews who want to use the last chance to save Jerusalem and Israel. You pay one of the highest taxes in the world, you pay a lot of charity money for Jewish needs. You have all the rights and all the power to decide how your money should be spent. All other good people who want Justice for the Holy Land can also support our very hard work for the real salvation of Jerusalem.

You have to stop the idolatry on all the functionaries (ironically called professionals) who are not only unable to solve the problems, but don't even understand what is going on in Middle East.

Israeli Defense Minister already announced officially the strategic defeat and surrender: agreement to divide Jerusalem for the creation of another Arab-Muslim capital. And that's just a beginning of total collapse of Israel. All because Jews have no brainpower, but flow of stupid slogans, catchwords and endless amount of constantly screaming and stamping Strong Leaders.

It's time to clearly understand that all of the "professionals" are deeply poisoned from their school time. They were raised on multiple British Secret Intelligence Service forgeries that are mortal for the Jews. Therefore doesn't matter what these "professionals" want, or what they are trying to do - in a result they are killing Jerusalem and Israel anyway. We see it clearly throughout the history. Netanyahu's book is a very understandable example, and I have dozens and dozens of other examples how Israeli big mouth "patriots" kill and sink Israel (been positive that they work for Israel) .


Don't believe to all sweet promises endlessly coming from disgraceful politicians. Use your brain, not emotions because even if you like something, it could be the true source of your problems. You may like smoking, but it kills you. You may hate some medication, but it heals you. So to find the real way to the victory in a complicated situation we should be wise, not just go by what we like or dislike.

Unfortunately for us (who pay taxes, not consume them) all the government professionals go by primitive "like/dislike" approach. Therefore they are unable to understand the veritable source of the mortal problems that kills us. Instead of the battle for the truth, paid professionals only know "paid/non-paid" criteria. In a result they got money, but we lose. First we had lost 76% of the Jewish land. Since then, despite of the heroism of the people, we keep losing lives and cities. Since 1973 we have nothing but mortal strategic losses.

Even such primordial Jewish cities as Jericho, Shechem, Beit-Lechem, Hebron are lost. Our only Jerusalem, as well as all Israel, is on a dead road now. Precisely by the Hebron scenario: partition and deprivation; and with the same commander in chief, Netanyahu.

In order to survive we have to fight the disease, not symptoms. Therefore I teach you the epikrisis (the study and the history of the disease), the true enemy, and the cure. Here is the cure in details, short and sufficient: .

It's useless to fight symptoms. We need to outsmart the disease. Immediately! We have our last chance to save Jerusalem and Israel. It is a must to immediately start supporting the REAL solution and the scientist who created all the real solutions as well as the new and very powerful sciences. Only these sciences allowed to uncover the truth presented above, and only deep knowledge in these sciences give us a chance to win.

Read it slowly and learn it deeply - it is not as easy as to scream stupid slogans and to idolatry political shamans with big mouths, tambourines and big sticks. It’s the real cure that requires brainpower.

Stop losing our resources and our best men listening to the brainless Strong Leaders. We are ready to vanquish the disease now! Support the real cure and the real scientist who created all the solutions and the new very powerful sciences. Do it immediately, while we have what to save. It's our very last chance to save Jerusalem and Israel.

Yosef Yakov-Lev (c) based on my book ISBN 1448667615  or
Hebrew translation is available here

I'm not a Qur'an advocate. I'm giving you the real way to stop murdering Jews!

Sure, it's good for Muslims as well. So let it be good for them as well. We are good human beings - here is just an example that I saw few minutes ago:

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