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Obama Administration wants to rerun 1948 ethnic cleansing of Jews

Obama Administration wants to rerun 1948 ethnic cleansing of Jews

Sunday, August 4, 2013 7:10

Expulsion of
Jews from Jerusalem, 1948
Administration wants to rerun 1948 ethnic cleansing of Jews.
Recently, Mahmoud
Abbas said
 (again) that ‘not one Israeli’ would remain in “our lands.” For
Abbas, there is no hypocrisy in demanding at the same time that the descendents
of 1948 Arab refugees should ‘return’ to the Israel where they never lived,
because — why should we be surprised? — he believes that everything between the
river and the sea is “our lands.”
Let’s make no
mistake about the significance of the Obama/Kerry ‘peace’ process: if something
like the formula of borders ‘based on’ the 1949 armistice lines with land swaps
is implemented, then some undetermined number — perhaps 100,000 — of the
300,000 Jewish residents of Judea (excluding Jerusalem) and Samaria will be
expelled from their homes, farms, businesses, etc. If Jerusalem is divided,
then perhaps another 200,000 will be forced to leave.
In other
words, the US is trying — it is one of the highest-priority foreign policy
goals of the Obama Administration — to implement a plan to ethnically cleanse
the area of Jews.
When the
Jordanian army illegally invaded this area in 1948, this was precisely what
happened: Jews were driven at gunpoint from land that was promised to them by
the international community in the Palestine Mandate. Since 1967, of course,
this injustice has been undone as Jews returned to their historic homeland. Now
our government is trying to expel them yet again!
Western supporters of the PLO make much of the fact that Abbas has only said
‘Israelis’ and not ‘Jews’, anyone familiar with the content of Palestinian
media in Arabic
 knows that the PLO’s motives are frankly racist. It is
shocking that a country like ours which exhibits such exquisite sensitivity to
the slightest whiff of prejudice would pretend not to notice and proceed with a
plan that is racist in the extreme.
Well, they
say, it’s absolutely necessary because the status quo is unsustainable.
Millions of Arabs are living ‘under occupation’. It can’t continue!
But actually,
some 95% or more of the Arabs of Judea and Samaria live in areas controlled by
the Palestinian Authority (which is dominated by the PLO). ‘Occupation’
impinges upon them only where it must to prevent terrorism against Israelis.
What the Palestinians want (among many other things) is
• Complete
sovereignty, including the ability to make military alliances, control
airspace, etc.
• Removal of
all Israeli security measures, such as the security barrier, all checkpoints,
Really, is it
the case that ending Palestinian ‘frustration’ at the inability to make war on
Israel is so important that it justifies the ethnic cleansing, for the second
time, of hundreds of thousands of Jews? Where is the urgency? Couldn’t many of
the grievances of the Arabs be ameliorated if they were to stop their daily
attempts to murder Jews?
In fact, why
is it so urgent to grant a sovereign state to a ‘people’ most of whose
ancestors moved to ‘Palestine’ no earlier than 200 years ago from Egypt or
Syria, who have defined themselves as a people in opposition to the Jews and
whose sovereignty is intended to undo that of the Jews in their homeland, and
who have expressed their new-found nationalism in the most violent and ugly
ways possible?
Make no
mistake, if this plan is implemented the damage to Israel’s security and to its
social cohesion will be incalculable. This, of course, is the intent of Mahmoud
Abbas and the PLO, who have never wavered from their objective of destroying
Israel and replacing it with another Arab dictatorship (which will probably
shortly become another Islamist theocracy under Hamas).
Is this how
our country, which prides itself on its embrace of freedom, justice and
democracy, promotes those values beyond its borders?
1948. Jews expelled by the Arabs from the West Bank and
“East” Jerusalem and their Heimat for 19 years Judenrein declared
after the areas were conquered and occupied by Jordan and illegally annexed in
From 1948 to 1967  the Jews were not allowed to go
into the West Bank and Jerusalem, and  their sanctuaries in Jerusalem were
destroyed and / or burned.
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