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The 1920 San Remo Minutes APPENDIX A and Treaty of Sevres

The San Remo Minutes APPENDIX A  and Treaty of Sevres
Signed 30 October 1918
I.—Opening of Dardanelles and Bosphorus and secure access to the Black Sea. Allied
occupation of Dardanelles, and Bosphorus forts.
II.—Positions of all minefields, torpedo-tubes, and other obstructions in Turkish waters to
be indicated, and assistance given to sweep or remove them as may be required.
III.—All available information as to mines in the Black Sea to be communicated.
IV.—All Allied prisoners of war and Armenian interned persons and prisoners to be collected
in Constantinople and handed over unconditionally to the Allies.
V.—Immediate demobilization of the Turkish army, except for such troops as are required
for the surveillance of the frontiers and for the maintenance of internal order. (Number of
effectives and their disposition to be determined later by the Allies after consultation with
the Turkish Government.)
VI.—Surrender of all war vessels in Turkish waters or in waters occupied by Turkey; these
ships to be interned at such Turkish port or ports as may be directed, except such small
vessels as are required for police or similar purposes in Turkish territorial waters.
VII.—The Allies to have the right to occupy any strategic points in the event of any situation
arising which threatens the security of the Allies.
VIII.—Free use by the Allied ships of all ports and anchorages now in Turkish occupation
and denial of their use to the enemy. Similar conditions to apply to Turkish mercantile shipping
in Turkish waters for purposes of trade and the demobilization of the army.
IX.—Use of all ship-repair facilities at all Turkish ports and arsenals.
X.—Allied occupation of the Taurus tunnel system.
XI.—Immediate withdrawal of the Turkish troops from Northwest Persia to behind the
pre-war frontier has already been ordered and will be carried out. Part of Trans-Caucasia
has already been ordered to be evacuated by Turkish troops; the remainder is to be evacuated
if required by the Allies after they have studied the situation there.
XII.—Wireless telegraphy and cable stations to be controlled by the Allies, Turkish Govern-
ment messages excepted.
XIII.—Prohibition to destroy any naval, military, or commercial material.
XIV.—Facilities to be given for the purchase of coal and oil fuel, and naval material from
Turkish sources after the requirements of the country have been met. None of the above
material to be exported.
XV.—Allied Control Officers to be placed on all railways, including such portions of the
Trans-Caucasian Railways as are now under Turkish control, which must be placed at the
free and complete disposal of the Allied authorities, due consideration being given to the
* Temperley, Peace Conference, 1: 495-97.
needs of the population. This clause to include Allied occupation of Batoum. Turkey will
raise no objection to the occupation of Baku by the Allies.
XVI.—Surrender of all garrisons in Hedjaz, Assir, Yemen, Syria, and Mesopotamia to the
nearest Allied Commander; and the withdrawal of troops from Cilicia, except those necessary
to maintain order, as will be determined under Clause V.
XVII.—Surrender of all Turkish officers in Tripolitania and Cyrenaica to the nearest Italian
garrison. Turkey guarantees to stop supplies and communication with these officers if they
do not obey the order to surrender.
XVIII.—Surrender of all ports occupied in Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, including Misurata,
to the nearest Allied garrison.
XIX.—All Germans and Austrians, naval, military, and civilian, to be evacuated within
one month from the Turkish dominions: those in remote districts to be evacuated as soon
after as may be possible.
XX.—The compliance with such orders as may be conveyed for the disposal of the equipment,
arms, and ammunition, including transport, of that portion of the Turkish Army which is
demobilized under Clause V.
XXI.—An Allied representative to be attached to the Turkish Ministry of Supplies in order
to safeguard Allied interests. This representative is to be furnished with all information necessary
for this purpose.
XXII.—Turkish prisoners to be kept at the disposal of the Allied Powers. The release of
Turkish civilian prisoners over military age to be considered.
XXIII.—Obligation on the part of Turkey to cease all relations with the Central Powers.
XXIV.—In case of disorder in the six Armenian vilayets, the Allies reserve to themselves
the right to occupy any part of them.
XXV.—Hostilities between the Allies and Turkey shall cease from noon, local time, on
Thursday, 31st October, 1918.
Signed in duplicate on board His Britannic Majesty's Ship Agamemnon, at Port Mudros,
Lemnos, the 30th October, 1918.
Letter from Sir Edward Grey to M. Cambon
FOREIGN OFFICE, May 16, 1916
Your Excellency,
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency's note of the 9th instant,
stating that the French Government accept the limits of a future Arab State, or Confederation
of States, and of those parts of Syria where French interests predominate, together with certain
conditions attached thereto, such as they result from recent discussions in London and Petrograd
on the subject.
I have the honour to inform your Excellency in reply that the acceptance of the whole
project, as it now stands, will involve the abdication of considerable British interests, but,
since His Majesty's Government recognise the advantage to the general cause of the Allies
entailed in producing a more favourable internal political situation in Turkey, they are ready
to accept the arrangement now arrived at, provided that the co-operation of the Arabs is
secured, and that the Arabs fulfill the conditions and obtain the towns of Horns, Hama,
Damascus, and Aleppo.
It is accordingly understood between the French and British Governments—
1. That France and Great Britain are prepared to recognise and uphold an independent
Arab State or a Confederation of Arab States in the areas (A) and (B) marked on the annexed
map, under the suzerainty of an Arab chief. That in area (A) France, and in area (B) Great
Britain, shall have priority of right of enterprise and local loans. That in area (A) France,
and in area (B) Great Britain shall alone supply advisers or foreign functionaries at the request
of the Arab State or Confederation of Arab States.
2. That in the blue area France, and in the red area Great Britain, shall be allowed to
establish such direct or indirect administration or control as they desire and as they may
think fit to arrange with the Arab State or Confederation of Arab States.
3. That in the brown area there shall be established an international administration, the
form of which is to be decided upon after consultation with Russia, and subsequently in
consultation with the other Allies, and the representatives of the Shereef of Mecca.
4. That Great Britain be accorded (1) the ports of Haifa and Acre, (2) guarantee of a
given supply of water from the Tigris and Euphrates in area (A) for area (B). His Majesty's
Government, on their part, undertake that they will at no time enter into negotiations for
the cession of Cyprus to any third Power without the previous consent of the French Govern-
* Br. Doc, 4: 245-47.
5. That Alexandretta shall be a free port as regards the trade of the British Empire, and
that there shall be no discrimination in port charges or facilities as regards British shipping
and British goods; that there shall be freedom of transit for British goods through Alexandretta
and by railway through the blue area, whether those goods are intended for or originate
in the red area, or (B) area, or area (A); and there shall be no discrimination, direct or
indirect, against British goods on any railway or against British goods or ships at any port
serving the areas mentioned.
That Haifa shall be a free port as regards the trade of France, her dominions and protec-
torates, and there shall be no discrimination in port charges or facilities as regards French
shipping and French goods. There shall be freedom of transit for French goods through
Haifa and by the British railway through the brown area, whether those goods are intended
for or originate in the blue area, area (A), or area (B), and there shall be no discrimination,
direct or indirect, against French goods on any railway, or against French goods or ships
at any port serving the areas mentioned.
6. That in area (A) the Bagdad Railway shall not be extended southwards beyond Mosul,
and in area (B) northwards beyond Samarra, until a railway connecting Bagdad with Aleppo
via the Euphrates Valley has been completed, and then only with the concurrence of the
two Governments.
7. That Great Britain has the right to build, administer, and be sole owner of a railway
connecting Haifa with area (B), and shall have a perpetual right to transport troops along
such a line at all times.
It is to be understood by both Governments that this railway is to facilitate the connexion
of Bagdad with Haifa by rail, and it is further understood that, if the engineering difficulties
and expense entailed by keeping this connecting line in the brown area only make the project
unfeasible, that the French Government shall be prepared to consider that the line in question
may also traverse the polygon Banias-Keis Marib-Salkhad Tell Otsda-Mesmie before reaching
area (B).
8. For a period of twenty years the existing Turkish customs tariff shall remain in force
throughout the whole of the blue and red areas, as well as in areas (A) and (B), and no
increase in the rates of duty or conversion from ad valorem to specific rates shall be made
except by agreement between the two powers.
There shall be no interior customs barriers between any of the above-mentioned areas.
The customs duties leviable on goods destined for the interior shall be collected at the port
of entry and handed over to the administration of the area of designation.
9. It shall be agreed that the French Government will at no time enter into any negotiations
for the cession of their rights and will not cede such rights in the blue area to any third
Power, except the Arab State or Confederation of Arab States, without the previous agreement
of His Majesty's Government, who, on their part, will give a similar undertaking to the French
Government regarding the red area.
10. The British and French Governments, as the protectors of the Arab State, shall agree
that they will not themselves acquire and will not consent to a third Power acquiring territorial
possessions in the Arabian peninsula, nor consent to a third Power installing a naval base
either on the east coast, or on the islands, of the Red Sea. This, however, shall not prevent
such adjustment of the Aden frontier as may be necessary in consequence of recent Turkish
11. The negotiations with the Arabs as to the boundaries of the Arab State or Confederation
of Arab States shall be continued through the same channel as heretofore on behalf of the
two Powers.
12. It is agreed that measures to control the importation of arms into the Arab territories
will be considered by the two Governments.
I have further the honour to state that, in order to make the agreement complete, His
Majesty's Government are proposing to the Russian Government to exchange notes analogous
to those exchanged by the latter and your Excellency's Government on the 26th April last.
Copies of these notes will be communicated to our Excellency as soon as exchanged.
I would also venture to remind your Excellency that the conclusion of the present agreement
raises, for practical consideration, the question of the claims of Italy to a share in any partition
or rearrangement of Turkey in Asia, as formulated in article 9 of the agreement of the 26th
April, 1915, between Italy and the Allies.
His Majesty's Government further consider that the Japanese Government should be in-
formed of the arrangements now concluded.
I have, &c.
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and King-Crane Commission, 137; and
and Constantinople, 120, 182, 190, 191,
negotiations with Clemenceau, 70-72,
192-93, 218-19, 220, 262 n.6, 336n.41; and
79n.2. 81n.35, 147, 213-14; protests
Egyptian Public Debt Commission, 276-77;
Anglo-French September Agreement, 146;
and enforcement of peace treaty, 179-80,
refuses invitation to San Remo conference,
197 n.4, 237, 278, 281; and French Foreign
273; seeks American mandate, 67; and
Legion, 258-59; and League of Nations, 294,
Syrian independence movement, 137, 273;
335 n.38; and Nationalist movement, 234,
and Woodrow Wilson, 52
235, 237; and oil rights, 207-8, 210-11;
opposes Anatolian partition, 116, 130 n.67; Financial Commission, 194, 246-48
and Pichon, 179; and Rawlinson, 240 n.8; Fisher, Herbert, 192
rejects proposed bloc policy, 281; and
Fitzmaurice, Maurice, 161
Smyrna administration, 268; and Straits
Commission, 246; and supposed secret Fiume, 43, 95, 111; and Anatolia, 118, 120,
British treaty with Turkey, 181; and Tripar- 124
tite Pact, 254, 293; and proposed plan for Five Particulars, 1918, 9
a Turkish peace, 238-39, 330
Foch, Marshal, 295
Four Ends, 1918, 9 12-14; and State Bank of Morocco, 276;
Four Principles, 1918, 8 Straits policy of, 190-91; and Suez Canal
Fourteen Points, 1918, 8 rights," 275-76; and supposed secret treaty
with Turkey, 181-82
France, 53, 184-85, 229 n. 83, 262 n. 15, 277,
Greece, 45, 164, 310 n.6; claims before Peace
288n.41; and Arabs, 70-72, 213-14; and
Conference, 39-41; and negotiations with
Armenia, 294; concern regarding European
Italy, 42-44, 94; and Smyrna, 95-96, 101,
settlement, 16, 17-18; and Constantinople,
188, 267 (see also Smyrna); and Tittoni-
196, 228n.75; 262 n. 15, 278-79; and Egyp-
Venizelos Agreement, 164-65, 320; and
tian Public Debt Commission, 276-77; and
Turkish nationalists, 316-19, 321
Greek claims in Anatolia, 41, 86, 286 n.4,
326; and Heraclea coal mines, 292-93; and Greek Committee, 46, 83, 102 n. 11, 154, 267;
Kurdistan, 205, 301; and London confer- report of, 84-86
ence, 222, 285; and mandate in Anatolia, Greenwood, Hamar, 211, 275, 305
114, 119, 122-23, 126; Near East policy, 7, Greenwood-Berenger Agreement, 212, 214,
15-16, 55-56, 82n.49, 195, 325-26; and oil
226 n.52, 274-75, 304
rights, 206, 207, 211-12, 274, 304-7; opposes
Grey, Edward, 7
League responsibility in Armenia, 310 n.6;
and Ottoman Debt, 248-49; public opinion
in, 16-17,65, 315; and religious protectorate Hama, 51, 213
in Palestine, 302-3; and Suez Canal rights,
Hankey, Maurice, 92, 128n.41
275-76; and supposed Anglo-Turkish secret
Harbord, James, 198 n. 19
agreement, 182-83; and Turkish Nationalist
movement, 183-84,234-36, 237-38, 318, 326 Harbord Commission, 132, 183, 198 n. 19, 233
Hardinge, Charles, 45, 88, 235
Franchet D'Esperey, Louis, 25, 108, 168-69,
282-83 Harmsworth, Cecil, 161
Frangulis, Antoine, 34 n.42 Haskell, William, 148 n.l
French Foreign Legion, 258-59 Heck, Lewis, 47, 90, 107
French press, 128n.33, 150n.29; anti-British Heraclea coal mines, 113, 292-93
attitude, 68, 138-39; British irritation with, High commissioners. See Allied high com-
150n.24; and Constantinople, 219, 243; missioners
reaction to treaty terms, 315
Hindu nationalists. See Swaraj movement
Hirtzel, Arthur, 34 n.34
Galicia, 208
Hogarth, David, 73, 145
Gandhi, Mohandas, 216
Hogarth Message, 1918, 7-8
Ganem, Chekri, 54-55
Hohler, Thomas, 191, 228 n.71, 235-36
Garnett, David, 145-46
Holy Place, 121, 303
Gelfand, Lawrence, 36n.73
Horns, 51, 213
Gendarmerie, Turkish, 258, 264 n. 52
House, Edward, 67, 88, 90-91; and American
Georgia: possible Italian mandate in, 132-33;
Near East mandates, 50, 92
and Batum, 270-72, 299-300
Hussein, Sherif of Mecca, 6, 62n.53, 66
Giolitti, Giovanni, 319
Hythe, Allied conference at, 318
Gontaut-Biron, Roger de, 34 n.42
Gouraud, Henri, 145, 213
Gout, Jean, 79 n.2, 80 n.25 "Inquiry," The, 21
Government of India, 14-15, 34 n.34, 117,216 Ismid Peninsula, 316, 319
Italian press: reaction to treaty terms, 315
Great Britain, 81 n.38, 184-85, 228 n.70, 285;
and Armenia, 62 n.37,294,310 n.6; imperial Italy, 3 2 n . l l , 81 n.38, 132, 159, 285, 326-27;
policy of, 7, 11-15, 33 n.25, 45-46, 173, claims in Anatolia, 94-95, 119, 128n.43,
324-25; indifference of, to economic and 129n.46, 129 n.54, 160, 164, 188-89; and
business interests, 226 n.54; and Italian ter- Caucasus mandate, 132-33; and enforce-
ritorial claims, 111-20, 127 n.23; and Kur- ment of peace treaty, 294; and Greek ambi-
distan, 204-5, 301-2; 1918 elections in, tions in the Near East, 42-44, 85-86, 94,
10-12; oil rights of, 206-13, 274-75, 304-7; 97, 105n.61, 155, 267, 318, 320; and Hera-
and Ottoman Debt, 248-49; Petroleum Ex- clea coal mines, 292-93; Near East claims,
ecutive, 207; public opinion in, 11, 14, 6, 7, 18-20; and oil rights negotiations, 306;
33n.21, 139, 191, 314; rivalry with France, public opinion in, 95, 98, 315; seeks Turkish
friendship, 94-95, 197 n.6 (see also Sforza, 130 n.67, 186; and pro-Greek attitude, 45,
Carlo); strained relations with Allies, 18-20, 93, 172,220,324,333 n. 17, 329; and Smyrna,
95, 223, 278-79; and Tittoni-Venizelos 96, 100, 267; and Sykes-Picot Agreement,
Agreement, 164-65, 319-20; and Zionists, 33 n.25; and Syria, 65, 66, 79, 140-41; and
57 Tripartite Pact, 255; on Turkish claims, 110;
and Venizelos, 219, 329, 336 n.51; and Wil-
son, 15, 91, 294
Japan, 245-46, 248
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 23
Jewish National Home: See Palestine: Zionist
London conference. See Conference of Lon-
Jordan River, 214
London, Treaty of, 1915, 6, 41, 83-84, 111,
Jusserand, Jules, 284
Long, Walter, 209, 225 n.34, 324
Kavalla, 40
Long-Berenger Agreement, 208-9, 304
Kerr, Philip, 30
Lybyer, Albert, 22, 41, 80n.24, 98, 99, 102 n.6
Kidston, George, 184, 202-3
King, Henry, 75, 81 n.25, 136
King-Crane Commission, 139; report of, McMahon, Henry, 6, 73, 145
137-38, 150 n.20. See also Commission of Mahmud, Sheikh, 204
Inquiry: Syria Mallet, Louis, 113, 207
Kitchener, Horatio HL, 205 Manchester Guardian, 314
Kurdish-Armenian agreement, 205 Mandates system, 26-27, 31, 36n.73, 323,
Kurdistan, 26, 27, 203-5, 300-301 335 n.38; American participation in, 29,
50-51, 67, 87, 92, 120, 158, 178 n.67, 196 n.2;
Labour Party, 10, 149 n. 13, 191 attitude of powers toward, 113-14; British
Lansing, Robert, 56, 90, 157, 178 n.67 in Anatolia, 197 n.8; and League of Nations,
27, 126; and Sykes-Picot Agreement, 27-28;
Lausanne, Treaty of, 1923, 321
and Syria, 70
Law, Bonar, 149 n. 11
Mantoux, Paul, 64
Lawrence, T. E., 71, 79n.2, 81 n.36, 145
Marash, 253, 277
Lazistan, 272

Marmara, sea of, 120
League of Nations, 24, 253; and Armenia, 270,
Marmaris, 94
287 n.17, 293-94, 310 n.6; and Batum, 271;
and mandates system, 26-27; and minorities Martet, Jean, 221
in Turkey, 260-61; and Tittoni-Venizelos Mayer, Arno, 4
Agreement, 164-65; and Tripartite Pact, 255
Mazarakis, Alexandre, 169-70
Lebanon, 16, 30, 53, 214, 302
Mehmed VI, 107, 126 n.3; issues fetva vs.
Le Temps (Paris), 128n.33, 315 nationalists, 307
Liberal Party, 10, 191 Menderes River, 167
Libya, 18 Mersina, 47
Litani River, 214, 273 Mesopotamia, 7, 53, 76, 144; Arab-British
Lloyd George, David, 10-12, 113, 129n.44, conflict in, 273, 302, 323; British mandate
229 n.84, 242, 327-28; and Armenia, 294, in, 121, 302; oil in, 210-11, 274
296-98; and Balfour, 151 n.34; and British Mezes, Sidney, 102 n. 11, 154; and Greek
military establishment, 333 n. 17; and Com- claims, 86-87, 88, 90; and Westermann, 89,
mission of Inquiry: Syria, 73, 80 n.25, 90-91, 103n.28; and Woodrow Wilson, 91,
81 n.39; and Constantinople, 182, 190, 103 n.31
191-92, 219, 243; critical of United States,
Military provisions: in peace treaty, 257-59
283-84, 306-7; and enforcement of peace
Military representatives, Allied and Associated
treaty, 252, 253, 278, 280, 281, 317-18; and
powers, 29-30
Kurdistan, 301-2; and League of Nations,
294; and mandates system, 28, 115; and Miller, David H., 90
Mosul, 17-18; and Nationalist movement, Millerand, Alexandre, 221-22, 242, 329; and
313n.69; and oil rights, 209-10, 211, Armenia, 297-98; and Constantinople, 243;
225 n.40,274; and partition of Anatolia, 112, and Heraclea coal mines, 292; and oil rights,
117-18, 119, 120, 121, 123, 129n.62, 304; renounces French religious protec-
Millerand (continued) tions, 113-14; negotiations with Mezes,
torate in Palestine, 303; and Smyrna, 87-88, 90; and northern Epirus, 84; and
266-267, 268 Smyrna, 106 n.69
Milne, George, 163, 235, 237, 267; as com- Nitti, Francesco, 159, 242, 268, 315; and Ar-
mander of Constantinople garrison, 168-69, menia, 296; and Constantinople, 243, 279;
282-83 and Holy Places in Palestine, 303; and Tri-
Milne Commission: report of, 166-67 partite Pact, 255
Milner, Alfred, 30, 65, 113, 130n.67 Noel, Edward, 204
North Africa, 275-76, 304
Minorities, 256, 259-61
Nuri Said, 145
Minorities agreement: signing of, 320
Minorities Commission, Peace Conference,
Observer (London), 314
Montagu, Edwin, 117, 324; and Balfour,
Oil rights, 151n.42, 206-13, 274-75, 304-6
335 n.38; and Constantinople, 129n.55, 191,
312n.52, 323-24
216, 219; and Lloyd George, 129n.55; op-
poses Anatolian partition, 116, 130 n.67 Orlando, Vittorio, 66, 159; and Anatolian
partition, 113-14, 124; domestic political
Morning Post (London), 315
pressures on, 20, 104 n.45; and Greek oc-
Morocco, State Bank of, 276 cupation of Smyrna, 97-98; offers to aban-
Moslems: anti-British attitude of, 128 n.39; don Anatolia in return for Fiume, 118
and caliphate, 121; and Constantinople,
Ottoman Debt, 24, 121, 123, 194, 247-49, 291
216-17; and Holy Places, 121; in British
Ottoman Empire: French financial interest in,
Indian army, 218
55; liquidation of German, Hungarian, or
Mosul, vilayet of, 27, 203, 205-7, 226 n.42; Bulgarian interests in, 249-50, 257; military
Clemenceau concedes to Lloyd George, occupation of, 28-31, 37 n.84; prewar and
17-18, 206-7, 209
wartime concessions in, 250
Mudania, 319 Outlook, 314
Mudros, 3
Mush, 270
Palestine, 7, 144, 210; Arab policy, 53; bound-
Mustapha Kemal, 98, 223, 230, 277-78, 308; ary with Syria, 214, 272-73; British policy,
and Allied occupation of Constantinople, 13, 33 n.27, 56, 121; French policy, 16, 57,
307-8; and Bolsheviks, 325; and de Caix, 302-3; water rights, 214, 273; Zionist claims
316; French and Italian friendly advances in, 7, 56-59
to, 309; and Harbord, 233; and Peace Con-
Panderma, 22, 316
ference, 233; and Picot, 183-84, 198n.23;
reaction to peace treaty, 315; and Sforza, Peace Conference: French objections to ne-
176n.34 gotiations in London, 229 n.84
Peace terms: enforcement of, 4-5, 180, 236,
Nationalism, 323
238-39, 261, 278-82, 295-96, 307, 316-19,
Nationalist-French Cease-Fire Agreement, 330
"Pertinax," 145
Nationalist movement (Turkey), 98, 131-32,
Petroleum. See Oil rights
180,223, 323; Allied reaction to 232-39,282;
Pichon, Stephen, 16, 53, 56, 65, 66, 138, 179,
and Armenia, 296; Bolshevik aid to, 325,
198 n.29
336 n.42; and Cilicia, 183-184, 277; devel-
opment and program of, 230-32, 277-78, Picot, Georges, 79; and Mustapha Kemal,
239 n.2, 308; impact on San Remo confer-
183-84, 189, 198 n.23
ence, 307-9; Italian support for, 197 n.6,
Pipeline: Baku-Batum, 270, 300; Mosul to
309, 327; military campaigns of, 316, 321
Near East: Allied economic spheres of influ- Mediterranean, 206, 208
ence in, 251-59 Poincare, Raymond, 179, 228 n.75
New Statesman (London), 315 Polk, Frank, 141, 155, 165; and Thrace,
Nicolson, Harold, 39, 41, 43; admiration for 156-58; and Turkish treaty, 289 n.64; and
Venizelos, 60 n. 19; and Anatolian partition, Yale Plan, 152 n.49
114, 128n.27, 130 n.67; and Greek claims, Public opinion, 322-23, 331. See also Great
45, 93, 128 n.27; and Greek Committee, 87;
Britain; France; Italy; United States: public
and meeting of British and Italian delega-
opinion in
Railroads: Adana-Aleppo-Horns-Damascus, 92; British policy, 45-46 (see also Crowe;
30; Allied common control of German Lloyd George; Great Britain: imperial pol-
holdings in, 257; in Anatolia, 237; in Ar- icy); form of administration for, 267-68,
menia, 297; Baghdad line, 273; Baku- 292; Greek atrocities in, 161, 165, 169;
Batum, 270, 300; Mosul-Mediterranean, 73, Greek claims to, 40, 43; Greek military
74, 206, 214, 227n.58, 273; Smyrna-Aidin, occupation of, 95-96, 98, 99-101, 160,
123n.43; in Thrace, 156 170-71; Italian claims to, 43; Turkish sover-
eignty over, 188, 266-69
Rawlinson, Alfred, 240 n.8
Smyrna, sanjak of: boundary of Greek zone
Reparations: German, 93; Ottoman Empire,
in, 163, 167, 267, 292
Sonnino, Baron Sidney, 20, 94, 113, 159; and
Rhodes, 164, 320
Anatolian partition, 124; and Venizelos,
Rodd, Rennell, 175 n.20
42-43; and Woodrow Wilson, 25, 36 n.70,
Romanos, Athos, 42 124
Royal Dutch Shell Combine, 208, 210, 211, Standard Oil Company, 211, 305
Steed, H. Wickham, 80n.23, 144
Rumania: oil rights in, 208
Stirling, Walter, 145
Russia: impact of collapse of, 325; oil rights
Straits, 22; American mandate over, 15, 120,
in, 208; and potential alliance with Turkey,
125, 189; Allied control of, 4-5, 23, 192-93;
217; and Turkish nationalist movement, 217,
demilitarized zone boundaries for, 244;
325; and wartime agreements for Near East
international control commission for, 194,
partition, 5, 7, 51, 83, 205. See also Bolshe-
244-46, 291
Suez Canal, 275-76
Rustum Haidor, 145
Sultan Mehmed VI. See Mehmed VI
Ryan, Andrew, 191
Sultan, as holder of an office: as caliph, 117,
191-93; whether to locate in Constantino-
Saint Jean de Maurienne Agreement, 1917, ple, 100, 115, 122, 123, 191-94, 216-17
7, 41, 83, 101 n.2, 251, 256
Supreme Council: accepts Smyrna Commis-
Salih Pasha, 231 sion report, 171; and Batum, 271
Salonika, 40 Swaraj movement, 216-17
Santa Sophia, church of, 191, 199 n.54, Sykes-Picot Agreement, 1916, 6-7, 16, 27-28,
228n.71 3 2 n . l l , 33n.25, 51, 64, 78, 143, 203, 256
San Remo conference. See Conference at San Syria, 7, 144; American policy toward, 66-67;
Re mo and Anglo-French September Agreement,
142-43; Anglo-French tensions over, 64-65,
San Remo Oil Agreement, 304-5, 312n.53
138-39, 328; Arab policy toward, 53, 273;
Scalanuova, 98, 118, 128n.43, 160, 164
British policy toward, 33 n.28, 51, 70;
Schuman, Frederick, 321-22 boundaries of, 142-43, 212, 214, 272-73;
Scialoja, Vittorio, 167 Franco-Arab conflict over, 31, 302, 323;
French claims to, 16, 51-56; French man-
Secret negotiations: proposed Anglo-
date in, 36n.80, 121, 302; military occupa-
French-Italian, 25
tion of, 30, 73-75, 141, 147, 15On.33. See
Self-determination of nations, 8, 9, 27
also Commission of Inquiry: Syria; King-
September Agreement. See Anglo-French Crane Commission
September Agreement
Sevres, Treaty of, 1920, 239, 320-21, 335 n.32; Talbot, Gerald, 43
evaluation of, 321-24, 330-32
Tangier, Spanish: French interest in, 215, 276,
Seymour, Charles, 22, 41 304
Sforza, Carlo, 94-95, 319; cancels Tittoni- Tardieu, Andre, 102 n. 11, 156, 315
Venizelos Agreement, 319-20; critical of
Temperley, Harold, 82 n.47
Lloyd George, 334 n. 17; pro-Turkish sym-
Tewfik Pasha, 316
pathies, 327; supports Nationalist move-
ment, 176n.34, 197 n.6 Thrace, 41, 44, 154-55, 164, 265-66, 325; Bul-
garian claims to, 153-54; Greek claims to,
Sivas, 183
39-40; Greek occupation of, 265-66, 319;
Smuts, Jan, 26
report of Greek Committee, 85; to be given
Smyrna, 25, 121, 164; American policy, 42, to Greece, 188, 266; Turkish claims to, 109
Tilley, J. A. C , 184 Vansittart, Robert, 93
Times (London), 107, 133, 144, 160, 211, "Vatican" proposal, 191-93
312n.52, 315
Venizelos, Eleutherios, 39, 88, 329; domestic
Tittoni, Tommaso, 18, 155-56, 159, 162 political pressures on, 61 n.23; and enforce-
Tittoni-Venizelos Agreement, 164-65, 319-20 ment of peace treaty, 295, 317; and Italian-
Greek conflict, 42-43,94, 162-63; and Lloyd
Townshend, Charles, 3
George, 219-20, 292; and Smyrna, 96, 162,
Toynbee, Arnold, 88
170, 171-72, 267, 268; and Thrace, 155-57,
Trebizond, 270, 298 266
Tripartite Pact, 255-57, 292; signing of, 257, Versailles, Treaty of, 330-31
293, 320, 321
Turkey, 25, 83, 102 n. 11, 177n.48, 185, 196,
217, 276, 278, 291; Allied administrative War Office: opposes December, 1919, Con-
authority in, 251-56; Allied fiscal control stantinople agreement, 217-18
in, 121-22, 194-96, 246-51, 291; and armi- Webb, Richard, 161, 181, 233, 236
stice terms, 4; British attitude toward,
Westermann, William, 129 n.63; and
190-91; delegations to Peace Conference of,
Commission of Inquiry: Syria, 80 n. 17; and
109-10, 309, 319; and Greek occupation of
House, 103n.28; and Mezes, 103n.28; and
Smyrna, 97, 98, 160, 166, 266-69; military
Smyrna, 90-91, 102 n. 19, 103 n.28 and n.36
forces in, 258, 264 n.52; and Nationalist
movement, 232, 233, 240 n. 12; opposes Ar- Westminster Gazette, 314
menian state, 132; policy toward Allies of,
White, Henry, 155, 156, 81 n.25
108, 176n.34, 180-81, 197 n.8; possible ex-
White Russian forces: Allies withdraw aid
clusion from Europe of, 14-15, 23, 119, 182,
from, 202
189-95, 215-19. See also Peace terms: en-
forcement of Wilson, Arnold, 27, 76, 203, 211
Turkish Nationalists. See Nationalist move- Wilson, Henry, 105n.58 and n.68, 113,
178n.66, 317
ment (Turkey)
Wilson, Woodrow, 23, 284, 322, 323, 327; and
Turkish Petroleum Company, 206, 207, 208,
American Near East mandates, 15, 22, 49,
62n.39, 70, 111, 122, 125, 299, 327-28; and
Turkish press, 243-44, 315
Anatolian partition, 111, 112, 124-26,
128n.30; anti-Italian attitude, 36n.70, 96,
United States, 63 n.61, 148 n.7, 244, 263 n.27, 101, 106n.76, 112, 125, 327; and Commis-
294; and Conference at San Remo, 306-7; sion of Inquiry: Syria, 66, 80n.l7, 81 n.25;
and Conference of London, 284-85, and Constantinople, 119, 122, 123, 125,284;
289n.64; and Greek claims, 41-42, 86, defines Armenian boundaries, 298-99; and
154-55, 158; failure to ratify Versailles Feisal, 52; and Greek claims in Anatolia,
treaty, 174, 178n.67, 185, 328; loss of influ- 92-93, 103 n.31 and n.39, 106 n.76, 114; and
ence on Near East negotiations, 186, 223, Greek occupation of Smyrna, 95, 96, 100,
266, 284-85, 306-7; Near East aims of, 105 n.57, 125; and League of Nations, 29,
20-22; and negotiation of Turkish treaty, 126; and mandates system, 29, 115; and
327-29, 336n.50; and oil rights, 210, 306; Orlando, 25, 36n.70; statement of peace
public opinion in, 22; and secret wartime aims, 8, 9, 10; on Turkish claims, 110;
agreements, 21, 84. See also Armenia: proposes unofficial French "mandate" in
American mandate in; Mandates system: Anatolia, 119, 123, 125-26, 129 n.63; and
American participation in; Wilson, Wood- Sonnino, 25, 36n.70; and Thrace, 155, 157,
row 188; and treaty terms, 284; and Weizmann,
Weizmann, Chaim, 57-58, 63n.61 and n.62
United States Commissioners Plenipotentiary,
United States Department of State, 133
Yale, William, 67, 151 n.42. See also Yale plan
United States Senate: and American man-
Yale plan, 143-46, 151 n.48, 152n.49
dates, 125, 328
Yugoslavia, 43, 118, 120, 312n.59
Van, 270, 298
Van, Lake, 298 Zionists, 7, 56-59, 324
(Continued from front flap)
European rivalries, imperialist ambitions, and
national prejudices, compounded by private
antagonisms and personal conflicts among
the negotiants, were permitted to shape finally
and permanently the substance of the treaty
that was signed. In the end, Dr. Helmreich
demonstrates conclusively, the Treaty of Sevres
suffered the tragic misfortune of being a
nineteenth-century solution to a nineteenth-
century problem that occurred—fatefully, it
turns out —in the novel and misunderstood
environment of the twentieth.
Paul C. Helmreich is associate professor of
history at Wheaton College in Norton,

Designed by Harold M. Stevens

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