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The Attempted Murder of the Jewish State – NEWS: There Never Was a West Bank!

The Attempted Murder of the Jewish State – NEWS: There Never Was a West Bank!

 | July 6 2015

Andrew Benjamin
65 years after the Jewish State was reconstituted out of the rubble of its thousand years of desolation and destruction, the attempted murder of its legitimacy and people continue.
It is a Jewish State – is that your problem?
There is an ongoing anti-Zionist conspiracy; it is insidious, specious, based on myths and fabrications; it is well-co-ordinated, well-financed, and GLOBAL.
The attempted murder of the state is aimed to result eventually in the actual, physical murder of its people. It is thus, because it always was thus, and the state’s enemies make clear their agenda. We know that more than a handful of the would-be perpetrators do not keep it a secret. It is only a secret to the “Palestinized” anti-Semites who have jumped on the caboose of the pro-Palestinian narrative train and its fabricated history of grievances.
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Arutz Sheva

Op-Ed: Security, yes, but National Patrimony is not Negotiable

Finally, proclaim Jews’ rightful and millennial ties to their ancestral historical homeland.
Victor Sharpe is a prolific freelance writer and author of Volumes One, Two, and Three of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.
“Then said Satan: This besieged one, how shall I overcome him?
He has courage and ability, he has weapons and imagination.
“So he said: I shall not take his strength, nor muzzle nor bridle him.
Nor soften nor weaken his hands, only one thing I shall do;
“I shall dull his brain and he will forget that he is in the right.”
So wrote the Israeli poet, Natan Alterman, in his poem, Gone like a Dream. He was expressing his deep anxiety over the weakening resolve of Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora to proclaim Jewish historical rights throughout the reconstituted Jewish homeland.
This inevitably led to a fateful abandonment by so many Israeli politicians and successive governments to the paramount need of responding effectively to Arab and pro-Arab propaganda, which sought to deny the reconstituted Jewish state every inch of sovereign ancestral Jewish land from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan and delegitimize Jerusalem as Israel’s united capital.
For 48 long years, since the liberation of east Jerusalem and biblical Jewish Judea and Samaria from illegal Jordanian occupation – territory the world grotesquely prefers to call the West Bank – the beloved Jewish heartland has remained in a political limbo and not fully annexed. Instead, too much has been sinfully abandoned.
Israel’s foolish failure to declare again and again its historical and ancestral patrimony in its own biblical, physical and spiritual homeland has allowed a hostile world to thus assume that Israel itself does not believe it has legal or indigenous sovereignty in its own territory or in its capital, Jerusalem.
Like Moshe Dayan’s calamitous decision to give away the keys of the Temple Mount to the Jordanian Muslim Waqf, this betrayal of the holiest Jewish site, along with the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria, has become a living nightmare for Israel. READ THE RESTHERE
We are speaking about the conspiracy of politically-correct thinking, staged Pallywood (as in Hollywood) politically-motivated agitation-propaganda that are not just constantly-changing revisionism of history, meaning denying what actually took place and replacing it with what did not; but also, the revisions of language where words have no meaning. The purpose of all these fictions are to revise the order and content of reality – what “is.”
Let us be clear about history: Israel is a thousandfold more legitimate as a state than any so-called “Palestinian” state that has never existed in history. in fact, it is MORE legitimate than any nation in Europe.
Israel, or ZION, has existed for 3500 years as such, albeit with no government for some of the time, as a commonweal with a Jewish people as its residents. It was a state occupied by Jews, for Jews and not Arabs. The so-called West Bank has never been a country, a nation, state or land. In fact, there is no land that could legitimately be called the West Bank. The West Bank refers to the bank of a river.
There has never been in mankind’s history a “Palestine” or a Palestinian (Arab) State. Until the 60’s or so, Palestinian referred to a Jew.
The words WEST BANK is a fiction, a fabrication for what does not exist, an invention – the same as The Invention of the Palestinians.
The West Bank is the natural demarcation line between Palestinian Jewish and Palestinian Arab territory, named temporarily the “Palestinian Territories” for Mandate purposes.
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The “palestinians” are Arabs from anywhere and everywhere. They do not exist as a people.
There is no such construct as an OCCUPATION.
Jordan occupied the West Bank in 1948 and then annexed it. No one mentioned occupation. No one asked for Jordan to withdraw. In 1967 Israel took their land back and since then the world has been demanding Israel to withdraw from land legitimately and internationally mandated to it. It is their land because the Mandate, Balfour, San Remo and the League of Nations recognized the Jewish Homeland as the ONLY legitimate designation for it – and established it into law. The West Bank was never a territory, nation, country or land. It is, according to a series of international agreements established into law, referred only to the “west bank” of the Jordan River – the demarcation (border) line between territories mandated to Jewish Palestinians to the WEST of the river and Arab Palestinians to the EAST of the river – aka, Jordan.
Jordan constitutes 77% of the pre-mandated territories NOT taken from Arabs, but from the remnants of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire, a large part originally designated to the Jews. The Turks are not Arabs and the Arabs are not Jews.
There is no occupied territory – there is DISPUTED territory. That is how the land is described in relevant UN resolutions.
In fact, it is the Jews who LOST 77% of Mandated Palestine, 77% of their ancient homeland, formerly the Israeli Empire, and the Arabs STOLE 77% of the Jew’s history, legacy and destiny forever. However:


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